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Disk and file wipe utility

AEVITA Wipe and Delete

AEVITA Software Ltd.

AEVITA Wipe & Delete is a reliable and ultra-fast shredder that will help you securely erase any file or folder without any chances for its recovery. AEVITA Wipe & Delete - the tool that deletes for real, once and for all!

gost us department of defense sanitizing windows platforms computer activities rll

Meet gods, godesses and heroes of Greece

Mythologie Grecque


This superb fully illustrated French ebook will guide you through the imaginary world of Ancient Greece: mythology. Easy to navigate thanks to the menu, hyperlinks, search engine and index. A perfect tool to understand Greek Mythology.

leconte de lisle gods and goddesses french translation classical texts ancient greece mythology heroes

Reality is not always what it seems.

Chronicles of Whiteshadow Isle


This fantasy e-book illustrates clearly the consequences of misunderstanding and biased education. Prince Shawn of Whiteshadow Isle had always led a sheltered life, never experiencing the commoner world. All a sudden, his world comes down.

sheltered life obliged king brett beggar declared war segregation

Should I Pay Off Debt or Invest?

MoneyToys - Pay Down Debt or Invest applet

Wheatworks Software, LLC

MoneyToys - Pay Down Debt or Invest? applet is designed to provide webmasters with a simple way to add instant interactivity to a web site. You can see the future effects of an investment compared to the future effects of using funds to pay down.

down debt consequences extra cash see the future

Stop your computer spying.

Evidence Destructor


Did you know that your computer collects information about where you go on the internet, details on forms you fill up and so on? This information represents danger to you if it is discovered by somebody. To protect yourself, use Evidence Destructor.

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Pre-emptive browser & eCommerce security.



Pre-emptive browser & eCommerce security software that reduces web & email based threats, and justifies confidence in online shopping and internet banking. DrawBridge checks browser security whenever Windows is booted and announces unsafe settings.

endless stream ecommerce security scripts paradigm crime wave drawbridge

Your hard disk has never been cleaner before! Hard Drive Washer

Most programs really do not care about consequences of saving temporary files without always deleting when possible or necessary. This tool does what all these programs forget. It finds this unnecessary data on your system and deletes it easily.

tmp extension abc consequences search engine personal data drive washer

Simulated life in any country

Real Lives

Educational Simulations

Real Lives is an interactive life simulation software program that enables you and your students to live one of billions of lives in any country in the world. Real Lives provides the circumstances and you make the decisions.

different cultures united states computer statistically life simulation computer operator peasant farmer

Healthcare assistent for you and your family

Biorhythms Guide Software

Biorhythms Guide is a dialog-based application, which calculates the dates when your vital power will decrease. It allows you to prevent or at least minimize undesirable consequences.

periods fundamental basis intellectual undesirable consequences dialog biorhythms

Protect your PC from Virus threats

Xmembytes AntiSpyware


Xmembytes AntiSpyware is AntiSpyware software that helps to detect and remove spyware and other potentially unwanted software from your computer. Xmembytes AntiSpyware helps protect you from spyware''s negative consequences.

desirable worms unwanted traffic carries unattended visual basic script


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