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Lock computer after N days to force payment

Computer Payment Enforcer

Leithauser Research

Input information on when to lock computer. When a lock day arrives, Computer Payment Enforcer totally blocks access to the computer until the user inputs a code that you provide. Create as many lock dates as you like.

screen computer computer program enforcer ok button time computer keyboard computer payment paying on time

Download from Polar Heart Rate Monitors


OTAG Technologies Ltd

iSMARTtrain is a Mac OS X application for storing and reviewing your athletic training. It allows download of data from Polar Heart Rate Monitors.

rowers polar heart rate distances swimmers graph mac os x polar heart rate monitors multi sport

PMM makes you spin-off from the top in 3D!

PMM Personal Memory Manager

M2M Matter to Man bv

Personal Memory Manager makes you spin-off from the top in 3D: manage your own knowledge and ideas. Create or import your notes and map them out on whiteboards. From any bit you can recollect and visualize the context and improve on or learn from it!

whiteboards diary information architecture body of knowledge perspectives memory manager pmm research paper

Accelerate your computer up to 3x


Dachshund Software

Hare will accelerate any computer (including leading-edge computers), accelerate 2D and 3D games, improve and accelerate graphic display.

optimise windows computer stable windows optimisation 3d games acceleration accelerate leading edge computers


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