Free Crc32 Downloads

ActiveX to compute  Adler32 , CRC32 , MD5

RSP Checksum OCX

RSP Software

ActiveX OCX to compute very fast the checksum of strings or files using Adler32 , CRC32 , MD5 , SHA-1 and SHA-256

amd md5 sha activex ocx crc32 strings

Directory printer

Directory Report

AMB Software

Directory printer. Print DLL,EXE version info. Print to a printer, text, Excel or HTML file. Print AVI,MP3,MSI,WAV info. Print cyclic redundancy checksum CRC. Finds duplicate files. Multiple file rename. Multiple file change date. Shows file owner

duplicate files dll directory printer crc exe version ntfs streams

Anti-Virus/Trojan Integrity Checker



Sentinel works by analyzing exploits in both your Registry and your system folders; integrating with ANY Anti-Virus program to quarantine these threats.

secure sentinel don t speak initial release integrity checker system folders virus trojan

ActueFinder finds duplicate files


Hugmot ehf

ActueFinder finds duplicate files on your computer. You can then eliminate or move the files to an archive directory, thereby recovering a lot of disk space taken by these unnecessary copies. Fast and easy way to clean up you disks!

128 bit md5 hash zip files handy utility acted choose to use

Highly optimized hash, CRC and HMAC library.

QuickHash Library

SlavaSoft Inc.

Fast, highly optimized implementation of hash, checksum, HMAC algorithms: MD2,MD4,MD5,SHA-1,SHA-2(256,384,512),RIPEMD(128,160,256,320),PANAMA,TIGER,CRC-32,CRC-16,CRC-CCITT,ADLER32. Allows calculations for files, memory blocks, strings,streaming data.

checksum c interface wrapper classes message digests vb 5 vb 6

Duplicates searching and removal software


Analinx Software

Analinx Duplicatch provides you with power to find and reliably identify duplicates (copies) of any file on your storage media not by its name or size, but by its content! Pictures could be optionally compared on the basis of their visual similarity!

author names album names viewer software graphic formats options panel flips

CRC-calculation, SFV-File-creation, SFV-check

DF CrcSfv

Dirk Frischalowski EDV-Beratung

Calculate CRC32-Codes for files, Create SFV-Files based on CRC32-Codes, WinSFV-compatible, insert your own comments in sfv-files, startet with a semikoln, check CRC-Codes with SFV-Files, multilanguage, summary and renaming after SFV-file-check

sfv files crc32 windows explorer clipboard language changing batch mode

Organizer for your CDs-DVDs collection

CD Bank Catalog Full Pack

Qunom software

CD Bank will help you maintain and organize a catalog of your media collection, including CD-ROMs, audio CDs, DVDs or any other drives. It will also create thumbnails and file previews, calculates CRC, retrieve the CDDB information, print CD-covers.

pcx rtf cddb cd cover software database archiving images

Advanced file cataloging utility. FREE trial!

Advanced CATaloguer Pro

Evgeny Software

ACAT Pro is an advanced file cataloging utility. It can be a real lifesaver for anyone who doesn't store data in one place. Why look through each data CD to find a file you need? Use ACAT Pro to catalog its contents. It's 100% FREE to try!

half a day document summaries acat storage media absolutely impossible duplicate files

A powerful duplicate file finder for Windows.



A profile based powerful duplicate file finder for Windows. It can detect duplicate files irrespective of file names using CRC32 or MD5 content match algorithms. It can also detect duplicate files based on file name, size, create or modified date.

file names duplicate file search even export mouse click match duplicate file finder


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