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KUpload+ AJAX Progress Bar

Dimplesoftware Solution

KFileUploadPlusProgressBar includes Ajax based progress bar. It displays various status information about the current upload, just like pure HTML progress bar but instead of popup window it uses an inline progress bar with the AJAX technology.

new features developers productivity gains compatible web compliant ajax

Cross-browser, dhtml/Javascript menu builder!

AllWebMenus LITE

Likno Software

Create any cross-browser,popup or drop-down menu with AllWebMenus,the dhtml menu / javascript menu builder that requires absolutely no DHTML/Javascript experience from you! Menus are fully-featured and easily linked to your web pages in only seconds!

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The simple DHTML Popup and hover ads creator

Advanced DHTML Popup

Digital Flow Software

Advanced DHTML Popup is a powerful DHTML Popup window creator that works in a WYSIWYG way and produces cross browser DHTML Popup windows and hover ads without any knowledge of DHTML/Javascript. Increase your site''s conversion rates unobtrusively.

intuitive interface mouseover aim advanced dhtml operating system popup window

Free cross-browser javascript grid component

ActiveWidgets Grid (Free Edition)

ActiveWidgets Ltd.

Beat your competition with fast and reliable cross-browser data grid component. Advanced JavaScript library, professional design, quality source code, documentation, examples, support community. And all that for free (GPL).

programming professional css xml images javascript dhtml xml programming source code tutorial

New genearation of DHTML/JavaScript Menus!

Deluxe Menu

Deluxe Menu is a ready-made, professional solution that allows webmasters to create superior, cross-browser, fast web menus. Easy-to-setup, search engine friendly, cross-frame, cool styles, supports css, floating, drag-n-drop, separators and more...

cross browser animated icons drag n drop browser search absolute positions horizontal directions

Feature-rich, editable JavaScript datagrid.



Ajax-enabled grid control for displaying and editing tabular data in DHTML-based tables. Its comprehensive features include rich JavaScript API, column sorting and resizing, multiple in-cell editors, paging support, multiline headers, and more.

flexible data cross browser column header loading time support php grid control

Create DHTML menu to quickly

Active DHTML Drop Down Menu

Create a DHTML/JavaScript drop down menu. With more than 30 different parameters, you can customize the menu to meet your Web site's needs. Full detailed documentation is provided. You do not need any knowledge of DHTML or JavaScript.

dhtml javascript drop down menu javascript drop down menu

JavaScript Tab Bar. Cross-browser, AJAX-based

dhtmlxTabbar :: Ajax Tabs Control


Cross-browser JavaScript Tab Bar with rich API and dynamical data loading via AJAX. The control supports tabs scrolling, multi-row and nested tabs, and customizable layouts (top, bottom, right and left). Various predefined skins are available.

ajax tabs skins browser javascript predefined styles configured

Cute Editor - Leading ASP HTML Editor

Cute Editor for ASP


The most powerful WYSIWYG browser-based Online HTML Editor for ASP.It enables ASP Web developers to replace the Textarea in your existing content management system with a powerful, but easy to use WYSIWYG HTML editing component.

html editing cross platform content updates publishing web content management system linux

DHTML menu maker builds dropdown menus easily

Sothink DHTML Menu

SourceTec Software

DHTML Menu is a simple, search engine friendly menu maker. It creates cross-browser drop down menus, JavaScript menus in seconds, without JavaScript experience. The DHTML menu builder integrates with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression Web and Golive.

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