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Stay sane with this Rest Reminder


Sinner Computing

Break is designed to help you not work too long at one time on the computer. It lets you set a timer from 15-60 minutes to remind you to get up and go for a walk, have a coffee, go home, go to bed etc. Auto reset & auto boot are also supported.

computer coffee assembly language go home one time 60 minutes

One click to change all the network settings!

Easy Net Switch

Easy Net Switch

Easy Net Switch can automatically select correct IP address, drive mappings, printers, proxy and much more in different locations. It''s not only an IP switcher, but also a handy tool that helps you to use the computer in different networks easily!

desktop wallpaper folders drive mappings ip switcher client mac address location profiles

Correspondence Index

LollyDex Correspondence Index

Katmar Software

LollyDex is a document management tool optimized for correspondence control. It adapts to your systems and is suitable for paper or electronic documents. Powerful and flexible search. Print reports of results. Browse through threads of replies.

share data control organization simple enough scanned document correspondence control electronic documents

3D Virtual desktop and task switcher



CubeDesktop creates six virtual and independent desktops, increasing the space you have to work and play. Use our stunning 3D technology to quickly show, switch and move windows between desktops.

move window virtual desktops multiple desktop 3d technology single one virtual desktop

Track Car Maintenance, Expenses, MPG & More.

BrightCar Car Maintenance Software

BrightCar, Inc

Manage your vehicle maintenance schedule, track vehicle expenses, and monitor car performance. Five (5) minute setup. Proprietary database of 10,000+ pre-loaded maintenance plans, based on manufacturer-recommended plans. Automatic service reminders.

fuel costs automobile manufacturers proprietary database gasoline software drivers vehicle expenses

Web-based Knowledge Management Solution.



Web-based Knowledge Management Solution to save and share knowledge.Create your Knowledge Base or Document Management System.It is very effective in managing different forms of existing Knowledge or creating & sharing new KnowHow in a structured way.

release web attachments knowledge management solution central knowledge base imbedded critical knowledge

Easy, high-quality photo printing software

ACD FotoSlate

ACD Systems

ACD FotoSlate is the easy-to-use photo printing software for home users and professionals. Print photos in popular sizes including 4x6 and 5x7. Make print sheets, albums, calendars, cards and contact sheets. Use pre-made pages or create your own.

contact oval shapes smart features image resampling color profiles saver wizard

Script to install  Web-sites directory


"CN-Software" Ltd.

CNCat presents itself an application for creation of web-resources catalogue. The program is easy to install, set and manage, and possesses the following number of functions.

user interface change of languages mail notifications plug ins separate page google

Assembly battery monitor and quick shutdown


Sinner Computing

Volt is an Assembly Language power monitoring and controlling utility. It provides a graphical and text display of the internal battery state of a Laptop Computer, as well as being a Quick Shutdown utility supporting delayed shutdowns and force.

assembly language compact window quick shutdown internal battery battery state laptop computer

A suite of music calculating tools.

Echoview Pro

MiRaGe Audio Visual Media

An integrated suite of powerful, interactive music calculating tools for musicians, sound engineers and producers. With Echoview Pro you can calculate beat times, perform sample calculations, tap tempo, tuner, MIDI chord analysis, metronome and more.

stopwatch delay effects instrument tuning length calculator memory efficiency tempo


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