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Batch rename files freely

BatchRename 2


"BatchRename" is for you to rename files freely with all kinds of rules you defined as many as you like.

wmx computer asx mp2 mp2v different path

Edit all the file attribute freely.

FileTimeEdit 2


Batch edit all the attributes of files and directories freely. You may select a group of files even directories, and change their createtime, modifytime, accesstime and other file attributes in batch. Moreover, the undo function allow you to rollback

change button file attributes freely rollback exact files even directories

Find duplicate files and search within files.



LookDisk''s duplicate file functionality is second to none. You can choose exactly where you want your search to be done, providing a full list of folders to be scanned. You can choose if you want to search within .zip archives, and search for text.

double click functionality money back guarantee duplicate file second to none single user

Easily automate Windows tasks by drawing them


Robinmatch Limited

DRAWGANIZER is a powerful easy-to-use GRAPHICAL file manager program. Easily AUTOMATE Windows tasks, such as backups, printing, searching for files and launching applications. Hundreds of uses. Control each stage of a task or run it automatically.

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