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Hide/Unhide any application/window with ease.

Magic Window Hider

Unlimited Bandwidth

Hide/Unhide any application/window with ease. Ever wanted to hide windows you did not want you boss/parents to see while u r working(or playing!!!),magic windows let's u hide/unhide windows with ease.

f12 desktop os windows os parents magic windows hidden windows

Play a classical Tetris game with Anti-boss!

Classical Block

Hunter Soft

Classical Tetris is designed for Tetris beginners and experts and even advanced experts. They alike would find many features that would increase their enjoyment of Tetris as well as improve their skill with the game.

game level boss control settings resume high score silence

Popup Advert Stopper

Popup Nuker

Traction Software

Popup Nuker is integrated into your Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, so it automatically starts when you start up Internet Explorer.

annoying popup windows f12 web pages us dollars nuke popup killers

Snapture Personal Information Manager

Snapture for Windows

Blue Squirrel

With one keystroke, capture your travel itinerary, eBay listing, driving directions, product specs, an e-zine article, or a 20-page contract.

page contract receipts keyboard ms word travel guide ebay

Transfer text from computer to Pocket PC

Snapture for Pocket PC

Blue Squirrel

Capture information from your computer to your Pocket PC with one keystroke! Simply select text from your e-mail, word docs, spreadsheets, web pages, etc. and press F11. When you HotSync Snapture transfers the information to your Pocket PC device.

maps electronic travel palm books highlight elizabeth beresford pocket pc

Search the web without typing search keywords

Lazy Web Search

Scorpio Software

Lazy Web Search is a popular web tool to search the web by hot key. With Lazy Web Search you can search the web from Microsoft Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, and even from Notepad.

web tool search the web microsoft word f12 key search box notepad

Single frame movie camera and movie viewer.

StopMotion Station

Supervideo Systems

StopMotion Station turns a PC and an image source into a single frame movie camera and movie viewer. Shoot classic animation in all styles, shoot and view motion tests, and see any suitable series of images as a movie - instantly, at any speed.

setup dialog folders arrow down arrow keys f12 key classic animation

contorols ei, kills popups, search in web


F-Group Software

Addon for internet explorer: limits number of ie at desktop, stops popups, quick customizes ie properties, controls proxy, performs search in Google, Yahoo. IECount is a set of useful ie tips and tricks to surf more pleasure!

startup page maximum sizes default type limit maximum clipboard link proxy settings

View several JPG images with no border.

JPG Collager

Slashback Software

JPEG Collager is a JPEG (and BMP) viewer which shows each image in a window without any border. You can open any number of images. Each one is manipulated individually. Right clicking a window will give you a menu of options for the window/image.

f12 f10 background color color option bmp key press

Eatman - arcade game.



This is remake all known, popular, old classic game Packman. In this game You should collect all points on level and You will get to the next level.

f12 magic f3 cautious forward back classic game


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