Free File Encryption Software Downloads

Professional file encryption solution.

SafeBox Industry

Ionworx Technology

SafeBox Industry is a new and powerfull file encryption solution. This application can also provide a strong protection, quite good compression, self-decrypting archives, good presentation (use skins form, splash screen).

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Secure your data with all-in-one encryption.



Are your data safe?SecuKEEPER is an ALL-IN-ONE file encryption software design to secure your files and folders from prying eyes, which designing four protection method(hide/rapidly lock/encrypt/private coffer). Furthermore offer Password Manager.

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Free File Encryption utility

File Encryption

File Encryption Software

File Encryption is free Windows application to encrypt and password protect user''s personal data. File Encryption supports multiple algorithms, it is secure, fast application that uses strong military grade algorithms for file encryption.

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File encryption software w/  CD mastering.

encryptX SecurDataStor Premium


Strong file encryption software for Windows. Encrypt files, folders, hard drives, CD/DVD, and email attachments. Share files securely, manage user and group access control. Create audit trail. Protect files from hackers, spyware and identity theft.

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Hide and encrypt files.


MediaByte Inc.

FileLocker allows you to hide and encrypt your confidential or sensitive files using 128bit encryption, while providing an easy to use interface.

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Protect your files, folders, documents etc.


DIGYX Software

CryptoElement uses strong encryption algorithms, including 448-bit key Blowfish, 256-bit key Rijndael etc. Compresses your data during encrypting (method - ZIP). Features include any type of file can be encrypted regardless of the file extension.

blowfish strong encryption encrypted file extension encrypting bit key

File encryption freeware.

FineCrypt Archiver

Crypto Systems, Inc.

FineCrypt Archiver is a powerful but easy-to-use file encryption software for protecting files on your computer with strong encryption algorithms. FineCrypt Archiver integrates with Windows shell and contains file wiping utility.

computer strong encryption windows shell encryption algorithms hard disk encrypt

File encryption software w/access control.


EncryptX Corporation

Strong file encryption software for Windows. Encrypt files, hard drives, CDs, and email attachments; secure file sharing with intuitive interface. Permission-based rights management with time expiration and audit trail of secure data.

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Androsa FileProtector is an encryption tool

Androsa FileProtector


Androsa FileProtector is a professional and freeware file encryption software that protects any type of file encrypting completely the content with the most advanced systems of cryptography.

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AthTek File Master is a Secure File Locker.

AthTek File Master - File Locker

AthTek Software

As a new advanced file management tool, AthTek File Master is easy to use, efficient to supervise and secure to preserve. After installation, press F1 to read the Help File to learn how to use it. Your files are safety sync with AthTek File Master.

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