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Total PC Control with Stealth Security!


Xelerate Software, Inc.

SpyPC offers you rigorous access control to the internet, as well as certain parts of the PC. With SpyPC's surveillance functions, you can see what anyone really does on the PC. Plus, log keystrokes in chat rooms or make secret screenshots.

system functions keystroke screen captures keystrokes pc lock control panel

Duel with 85 weapons of mass destruction!

Atomic Cannon Pocket

Isotope244 Graphics

This game features an ultimate artillery duel with 100 weapons of mass destruction! You''ll have great fun waging war on 25 deformable scenic landscapes. Enjoy the real time smoke trails and fully customizable weapon economy with up to 16 players.

landscapes atomic cannon gulley game modes weapons of mass destruction craters

An intuitive & compelling 3D matching puzzle


Iconic Games

Qubx is a game of truly three dimensional shape matching that features easy, intuitive controls and deep, compelling gameplay. With online highscores, joypad support and an original soundtrack.

original soundtrack intuitive controls simultaneously difficulty levels shapes game


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