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StockMonkey - Stocks and shares calculator


MonkeyJob Systems

The StockMonkey share calculator is an application designed to make all share investment decisions a snap. Simply input relevant data and StockMonkey will calculate all complex variables for you.

flexible parameter investment decisions share investment selling shares cope result set

Financial calculator with tape & conversions

Moffsoft Calculator


Calculator with tape, financial functions, unit conversions, and date/time calculations. Other features include a sizeable display, fixed decimals, totals, item count, multiple memory values, constants, tray icon, always on top, sound, and much more.

unit conversions time value of money input functions value of money calculator tape machine input

Explore how much mortgage you qualify for.

Mortgage Prelude

NorthStar Solutions

While Mortgage Prelude serves as a powerful mortgage calculator that computes such items as your monthly payment, amortization schedules, interest, etc., it is so much more. You can actually find out how much of a mortgage you are qualified to get.

mortgage payment prelude applicable guidelines mortgage calculator fannie mae federal national mortgage

CPA friendly calculator with tape

tApCalc Desk tape calculator(Arm & xScale)

Softtrends Software Pvt Ltd

CPA friendly desk calculator with tape that can be saved,edited,rerun and beamed without reentering all data again. Features TAX+,TAX-,Mark Up/Down, Total and Grand total keys in addition to standard calculator keys.

text explanation pocket word pocket pc calculator functions email paper tape

Calculations for investments and lending


JDP Software

"FINCALC 5.0" is a Windows program designed to handle differing financial calculations related to investments and lending.

benefit investment annuities bankers insurance types of insurance program acts time value

Financial & Accounting calculator with a tape

tApCalc Financial tape calculator(P800 Sony/Ericsson)

Softtrends Software Pvt Ltd

Financial and Accounting Calculator for Sony Ericsson P800 featuring a host of commonly used functions and a programmable tape that can be saved,edited,rerun without reentering the calculations again.

sony ericsson p800 calculate time ytm accounting electronic calculators finance functions

MoneyToys(tm) Web Site Calculators

MoneyToys(tm) Website Calculators

The MoneyToys Collection of financial calculator applets is designed to give webmasters a simple way to add instant interactivity to a web site by providing financial calculator applets which are easily added to a web site.

web page financial calculator match colors online financial calculators financial calculations

Download very user friendly loan amortizer.

Ezy Loan Calculator

Ezy Loan Calculator

Download very user friendly loan amortizer software on earth. It has the following features 'extra payments, skipped payments, late payments, lump sum payments, graphs, interest rate change, country compounding, and much more'.

earth loan amortizer lump sum payments graphs interest rate change late payments

Financial,Discount Cash Flow,Graphic calculus



Finance software for Mortgages, Loans, Leases, Savings, Fund & Retirement. Discounted Cash Flow Analysis. Forecast + CPI historical inflation. Statistics, Scientific & Graphing calculator to solve algebraic equations, derivatives and integrals.

graphic calculator interest calculations fund retirement expression evaluator precision calculations cash investments

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator

Wheatworks Software, LLC

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator performs a quick analysis of 14 cash flow series using 5 different discount rates per series.

discounted cash flow npv mirr benefit cost ratio modified internal rate of return internal rate of return


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