Free Flexible Cd Downloads

Flexible CD Starter.


Kroenig Datadesign

CDStart is flexible and easy to use. It uses Standard-HTML-Pages and graphics (GIF and JPG) to show your cd - startscreen. Dont need any third-party-modules like Internet-Explorer or others. Starts directly from CD (what else?)

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SunStar is a small memory trainer.


German IT Development Ltd.

SunStar is a small memory trainer. The tongues of the sun start to light up. The player must remember the sequence himself and has to repeat these with the mouse. With increasing duration, the twinkle becomes faster and more complicated.

sun tongues twinkle colourful memory trainer sunstar

Protect PHP source code with SourceGuardian

SourceGuardian PHP Encoder

SourceGuardian is the only serious choice for protecting and encrypting your PHP source code assets. With flexibility that other products only dream of Professional developers everywhere are using SourceGuardian products to distribute their scripts.

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Irak Air Space - Pocket PC shooter Game

Irak Air Space

You'll be sent on missions to knock off top competitors. Battle against hordes of relentless enemies! Spend the bounty you receive from their demise to expand your devastating arsenal, which can be upgraded with a lot of hard core weapons

randomly arsenal protection levels irak bounty demise


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