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The only OCR worldwide for ancient Greek


Ideatech S.A.

Anagnostis is a special purpose OCR, designed to meed the needs of people that work with classical text in ancient greek. Anagnostis offers related functionalities like training on ancient greek fonts, pick lists of accented characters etc

latin words document templates pcx transfer protocol hand held scanner new fonts

Backup and restore Internet Explorer settings

BackRex Internet Explorer Backup

BackRex Software

Backup Internet Explorer custom settings, including favorites, history, dialup accounts, autocomplete passwords and cookies.

dialup accounts internet explorer settings safe place passwords explorer 6 0 proxy settings

Create a text and save it as DXF file.

Font 2 DXF


Create a text in any installed true type font and save the result as dxf file. So you can plot the font to use it for engravings etc. You only enter the text and click on "Save as DXF file...". The text will be saved as polygon line information.

midline engravings vector font true type font true type fonts

Add Office XP style menus for VB application

Office XP and .NET Style ActiveX Menu Control

FK-IN Software

Office Xp and.NET Style ActiveX Menu Control is the easy to use ActiveX control for Visual Basic that gives your application Office XP style menus, as well as the new Office 2003 style menus in just minutes.

minimal programming custom style unicode compliance xp style custom fonts checkmarks

NewsTicker Applet Collection


ObjectPlanet, Inc.

A collection of horizontal and vertical java news ticker applets. The vertical news ticker applet loads news items in XML format from a URL and scrolls them vertically and opens a web page when the user clicks on a news item.

applet parameters web page news item background borders xml text vertically

Create Print  barcodes for your applications.

Barcode VCL Component

Han-soft Software

Include Barcode and DBBarcode, Create, view and print barcodes for your applications as easy as typing the code. Simply enter the desired characters and select the type. The barcode will be created!

ean 13 barcodes barcode types vcl component barcode technology upc

Convert PDF to DOC, Word, and RTF



Convert PDF files to Microsoft® Word® (PDF to DOC / PDF to WORD)** Convert PDF files to Rich Text Format (PDF to RTF / PDF to WORD) WITHOUT any third party software. Preserves PDF layout, fonts, sizes, colors, image and text layouts. Batch support.

pdf to rtf adobe acrobat rtf converter software adobe pdf to word windows shell

View a customizable listing of folders.

Directory Classifier


View a customizable listing of the contents for any directory on your computer. Save it as text or PDF

pdf security pdf file page orientation security passwords colors font style

Original and powerful Alarm Clock & Timer.

SNV Timer

Nikolay Sukhorukov

Analog Alarm Clock & Timer. The main features are: setting an actuation time by direct moving the arrows with mouse, six actions (elegant message box, sound, picture, program, COM port, modem command) per one task, highly customizable appearance.

customizable message countdown timer timer mode alarm clock external program video file

Img To Html easily can convert images to html


Alpha Interactive

Img To Html easily converts any of your image files to complete html source. You can choose to either convert your imageto a sequence of chars or to a table. Grayscale your images, chose the fonts or compress the code with JavaScript.

images img fonts chars html source grayscale


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