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Unit conversion tool converts about 250 units

Unit Conversion Tool

Unit Conversion Tools

Unit conversion tool can convert about 250 various types of measurement units from one system of measure to another. It can convert Length, Weight, Volume, Area, Density, Power, Time, Count and other units.

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My Portfolio:up to date data on mobile phone

My Portfolio


My Portfolio allows you to update Google finance portfolio on your mobile phone. You need access to the internet and valid login and password. By entering this needed info you will be up to date with all Google Finance portfolio courses

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Program recover all IE passwords

Internet Explorer Password

Thegrideon Software

IE Password is intend to recover passwords to websites which MS IE saves in it's cache. Another great feature of this program is the ability to remove, change, store and recover password to IE Content Advisor.

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Endless combinations of intricate snowflakes.

Fractal Flurries

Ten Foot Pole Software

Snowflakes... no two are ever alike. The Fractal Flurries screen saver displays endless falling snow over whimsical winter backgrounds. Each snowflake pattern is mathematically generated from thousands of possibilities for a truly one-of-a-kind show.

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