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Unlimited levels of play- free puzzle game!

Library of the Ages FREE

Zango Games

Sort through stacks of ancient books to figure out the magical combinations before time runs out. Test your quick thinking and sense of strategy by deciphering numeric sequences and color matching.

games free puzzle game ancient books pace free access matching colors

Card game with animated pictures of players

3 Leaves

Sapphire Games

Three Leaves is a fun and addictive card game. You can choose from standard 36-card pack of cards or several original sets of cards, including Christmas theme. You can play against computer opponents or up to three friends over the Internet.

three friends addictive card game computer opponents game features icq pack of cards

Shooter with extremely simple controls

Clash N Slash


Non-stop action space shooter with simple controls suitable for all ages! Shooting has never been so addictive. Clash'N Slash arcade game will hold you for a long time and innovative bonus system will make your game experience colorful and fun.

shooter games space shooter power ups unique power weapons bored

Make the right moves!

Turn on Green

Progress Games

Test your brain power with 24 levels. By clicking on a tile all nearest elements are flipped to opposite color. Level is completed when all tiles have been painted in green colour. Make the right moves!

features game colorful graphics elements absolutely free tiles right moves

A sokoban-style game: features 375 levels.

Agent Sokoban

Byxon Games

A great sokoban-style game. It features awesome music tracks and sound FX effects, 3D graphics (the game runs fast even on weak computers) and 375 original creative levels. Like all great puzzle games, it''s easy to learn but difficult to master.

puzzle games star blocks sphere game board one wrong move great puzzle

Play puzzle game with atoms.



Atomaze is a unique puzzle game, combining strategy and logic.

gaps puzzle game logic game difficulty hicolor graphics difficulty increases

Beat Wizard Frozzic in this Magical Puzzler.

Frozzics Revenge

Twilight Games

The evil wizard Frozzic has trapped all of the Sky Kingdom''s magic birds. The Sky Kingdom is falling and it''s up to you to free the birds and save the day. In this logical puzzle game you must undo Frozzic''s nasty spells using mind over magic.

birds twists puzzles creators sky game features

Aba Daba Deluxe is a 5-in-a-row tic tac toe.

Aba Daba Deluxe

Astatix Software

Aba Daba Deluxe is modern implementation of the ancient logical game Gomoku, also known as 5 in a row or Noughts and Crosses. It has a modern unusual interface with different skins, attractive music, nice sounds and different skill levels.

mouse button noughts and crosses logical game gomoku game hints optimization

Concentration taken to a whole new level.


Star Mountain Studios

Download Findola for hours of fun matching not one but three sets of tiles at the same time, but watch out for the wild tile before he freezes the board solid or explodes! Earn extra points by matching tiles when the bonus stars are flashing.

cross match flashing window mode game levels french translations matching games

3 arcade-style games in one!!

Vengeance or Bust

Astral Entertainment, Inc.

Vengeance or Bust is three games in one! High-resolution 3-D graphics and dynamic sound. Exciting game-play through 12 levels in this shareware version. Fun for children and adults of all ages. Get the full version and get 40 action-packed levels!

game is played resolution 3d power ups arcade action puzzles eight characters


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