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Brand new game Marbles Shooter!

Marbles Shooter

Alawar Entertainment

Marbles Shooter is a new astonishing game for the puzzle aficionados. With three exciting game modes, great sounds and music, Marbles Shooter is an adventure you may not be able to pull yourself away from.

explosion colored balls cannon combines forbidden zone game ends

Common', Baby, light my fire!


Alawar Entertainment

Everybody wants to be a superhero: but some of us have to be electricians. Your mission in this electrical puzzle is to light the evening city. Quickly attach together a contact out of numerous wire pieces and get a faerie electrical discharge.

faerie game modes electricians superhero reaction speed games

Exciting underwater puzzle

Jewel of Atlantis


Jewel of Atlantis is a new and exciting action puzzle which combines match-3 mechanics with breakout-style mayhem. In this game, you explore a just uncovered ancient continent in search of valuable treasures and relics.

exciting adventures action puzzle linear game ship wreck breakout jewel

Minesweeper with many boards and game modes.

Super Minesweeper


Classic minesweeper gameplay featuring over 100 boards, 7 game modes, special effects, sound effects, and customizable colors. Boards include various patterns of squares, hexagons, and other intricate shapes and designs.

octagons sound effects rectangles skill level minesweeper hexagons

Guess the five letter word.

Tams11 CueWords

Tamera A Shaw-McGuire

Guess the five letter word to pocket the pool balls. You receive up to 5 chances to guess the word. Four different game modes make for exciting game play. Needs the Tams11 Lobby ( in order to play with others.

different game pool balls letter word game modes game play

Create 'groops' from similar game pieces.


Tiny Tiger Studios Ltd.

Groop requires the player to create 'groops' that consist of similar or different game pieces. 3 game modes are offered: Play against the clock, play until you're stuck, or search for 'groops' in the pieces already placed. Frantic fun for all ages.

groop 3d graphics clock puzzle game groops mind boggling

Multiplayer Tetris over LAN/Internet



Multiplayer Tetris and Deathmatch over LAN, Internet. Play against bots or team up with other players and make alliances. Integrated chat, skins, world rankings, weapons, savegamas and much more. This has it all.

tetron different game search in internet server world windows95 lan server

Stop the avalanche of bubbles!

Scarab Shooter

NovaGame, Inc

Stop the avalanche of bubbles and save the ancient ruins! Shooter Scarab is an addictive arcade game with simple rules and two game modes: Relax and Timed mode.

time has passed ancient ruins game modes burst scarab bubbles

Tiny Cars is back with Multiplayer!

Tiny Cars 2

Realore Studios

The famous arcade racing game is back! All fans' requests came into play in more bonuses, the Multiplayer mode, improved AI, and advanced cars. What is really important is that the game became more interesting and adventurous! Have real double fun!

sequel common knowledge virtuoso insolent gameplay attributes

Stunning Gem match 3 game with great fx!



Casual match 3 game featuring stunning animation with awesome sound effects and music. Click on gems that are matching 3 or more, horizontally, vertically or diagonally to make them break apart and disappear from the playfield. 100% Mouse controlled!

next level horizontally diagonally gems different game game modes


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