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Mystical RPG-strategy with magic spells.

Discord Times

Aterdux Entertainment

Discord Times is a mystical RPG-Strategy that instantly strikes a cord with role-playing and strategy aficionados. Spells, magic, curses, weapons and more. Be brave but smart to defeat the enemies and reunite the kingdom. 100% FREE download.

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Highly addictive puzzle style word game.


Mace Software, Inc.

Highly addictive multi-player puzzle word game. Plays similar to the classic Connect Four game except you try to make four letter words to win. You may play the computer, or challenge a friend over your network, or play on the internet.

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Build your own Space Station and crew!


Vision Videogames, LLC

SpaceStationSim gets you up close and personal with your own crew of astronauts who live and play in outer space! Build your own International Space Station with loads of modules and cool components, but look out for that bumbling space tourist!

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Paint-by-number for Windows..Infinite Variety



Paint-by-numbers meets modern technology in SegPlayPC TM, a computerized paint-by-numbers program for Windows 2000 and XP. With twenty images and powerful features for artsy types and casual gamers, SegPlayPC is simple to use with infinite variety.

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Plunge into the luxury of Arabian Palace

Treasures of Persia

Realore Studios

Twilight rooms of a Persian palace offer picturesque settings for Treasure of Persia, a tricky multilevel puzzle. Treasure hunters who correctly join gem chips will be amply rewarded. Their names will be marked in history to awe and inspire others.

puzzle exuberance exquisite settings game board score treasure hunter

A pack of 18 different arcade games


TetriStation is a pack of 18 different arcade games with different blocks, grids, strategies and logic. This is a real gamers' jukebox! Some of the games are the alltime classics, some are completely new and untasted. Try yourself in this variety!

trial period time classics skill levels nt 2000 even kids improvements

Power Pong X-gameplay first.

Power Pong X

Kemlor Enterprises

Power Pong X is a new take on our favorite old school classic, Pong. With 43 2-player modes and a full one player game, you can't go wrong. Obviously, the focus was on gameplay. Grab a friend and get into the fast paced and varied action now.

media giant real person paced action paddles pong clone hardrive

Throw pies at the Politicians! req DirectX 9+

Political Invaders


Throw pies at the Politicians and their henchmen. The game plays similarly to the popular Space Invaders arcade game. Features 3D rendered graphics, and requires DirectX 9.0 or greater. Fun, exciting, and free!

political heroes mouse joystick henchmen expert gamers galaxian drop bombs

Onekit Enigmaze 3D is a small arcade 3D game.

Onekit Enigmaze 3D

Onekit Software

Onekit Enigmaze 3D is a small arcade 3D game, positioned for a wide range of gamers. The game is absolutely free and runs on a huge number of PC configurations.

frogs gamer game arcade pc configurations next level

Increase your PC's speed managing your memory

RAM Cleaner


RAM Cleaner manages for you all your running applications, releases the unused RAM, avoids unwanted programs to load when windows starts, improves your virtual cache and stops crashing your PC. Surely this application will increase your PC's speed.

kazaa virtual cache computer set time priority start windows 3d games


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