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Fat Ronaldo runs for the goal!

Run Ronaldo, Run

This game is about Fat little Ronaldo... the pudgy, gap-toothed soccer-rer who wears the magic number 9. The end goal of this game is to make Ronaldo run (the one thing he was not doing while he was on the field!) and get to the ball before Crespo.

rer hilarious game number 9 magic number gap kicking the football

Lex is an efficient language learning tool.

Language Learning Express


Lex is an efficient language learning tool for working on authentic material on the web. With Lex you can easily look up words, listen to pronunciations, highlight words and make gap filling exercises. Furthermore you can build up your own glossary.

flowers web browser song lyrics world wide web learning express lex

SQLitePlus COM DLL and Database Manager

SQLitePlus Explorer & COM DLL

EzTools Software

SQLitePlus is a powerful database explorer program and a COM wrapper DLL for the well-known SQLite C database engine ( The SQLite COM DLL makes it easy to access SQLite databases from high-level programs (eg. Visual Basic).

explorer tool grid control enterprise manager rollback query windows admin tool

Live chat software for your online business

Live chat software

miOOt Live chat

miOOt Live Chat provides real time text support right in your browser. If live chat icons says we''re online, click that to begin a one-to-one chat with one of our sales/support executives and if it says as offline then leave your contact detais

sales volume gap misunderstanding chat icons key word insight

Create your own online tests and quizzes.

Teaching Templates


A set of award-winning authoring tools to help you create interactive exercises, tests and quizzes. The exercises can be put on a Web page, or run as standalone programs at home or in the classroom. A great way to teach any subject - or just for fun.

standalone programs reutlingen university dos program quiz button choice question authoring tools

Illustration & image editing with GIS Mapping

Canvas GIS Advanced

ACD Systems

CANVAS 9 Advanced GIS Mapping Edition includes direct support for Geographic Information System data. Take measurements in geographic coordinates, import any popular GIS file types into unlimited numbers of automatically aligned overlapping layers.

gap spatial data transfer gis mapping geographic coordinates digital line graphs dtp software

An affordable quality audio recording system.

DART CD-Recorder


Achieve high quality audio from any source. CD-Recorder is an audio recording and sound improvement system that is fast, easy and most affordable to use. Three tools in one - Audio recording from any source, powerful sound quality tools and burn CD

cd rom cassette recordings gap freedb convert midi to wav close cd

.NET Persistence Framework.

ObjectMapper .NET

GS Softwareentwicklung

It''s a .NET Persistence Framework for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access and XML Files.

gap business entity art object relational database models attributes open source project

PhotoNeat assists in page LAYOUT of images.


Lanmax Computer Solutions Inc.

PhotonNeat is intended to generate pages of a book of JPEG images, specifically for Wedding PROOF books. Then, the page images can be sent to printing services such as at Costco. PhotoNeat can assit in creating image catalogues or travelogues.

gap printing services wedding photographers embossing image work captions

Arcade game with thrilling playing experience

Bubble Thriller

Bubble Thriller is a new arcade game where you pop color bubbles for points. Sounds simple, but try it, and you'll never forget that thrilling feeling when a flock of bubbles flies in and you never know if they are going to end the game.

arcade game windows ce bubble thriller flock overflow flies


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