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OCX control to draw pie, bar, line graphs.



ActiveX control to draw 2D pie charts, bar charts & line graphs. Display the graphs, export to file (GIF, PNG, BMP) or data stream or copy to the clipboard. Properties allow full control over colours and fonts. Free trial.

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Pick-a-Winner, lotto databases, hot-cold-due

Universal Lottery

Odlum Software

Easy to setup for all types, sizes and frequency of lotto/powerball games. Create databases to record winning numbers from previous draws. Pick-a-Winner from random or database, hot, cold, due. Counts, graphs: numbers drawn or since last drawn.

graph powerball lottery system puts random number generator check winners

A Wave Interference Construction Set

Making Waves

Living Graphs Inc.

Making Waves is an interactive physics package that helps students visualize and understand the motion and interference of transverse and longitudinal waves.

graph paper wave properties core concepts standing waves intuition time simulation

Low cost 2D function plotting software


Gecces Software Development

Low cost 2D function plotting software. Use up to 8 functions with cascades. Displays 2 simultaneous plots with cursors positions and deltas. File load, save, and print. Input point overlays for curve fitting. Trig, Ln, Log functions supported.

plotting software input point 2d function trig deltas overlays

A Geometric Optics Construction Set

Looking Glass

Living Graphs Inc.

Looking Glass is an interactive physics package that helps students visualize and understand the effects of optical components on light rays. While creating and exploring their own lenses and mirrors, students encounter the core concepts in optics.

images intuition thin lens construction set graph paper mirrors

Visual replacement for the standard utility.

Visual Ping

IT Lights Software

Visual replacement for the standard ping utility. It helps you monitor TCP/IP targets, by sending echo requests and displaying the responses over a detailed list and a graph. It has all the functions of classical ping, and much more.

text mode tcp ip graphic mode ping utility visual ping ping hosts

network utilisation graph utility using SNMP

Multiple Interface Watcher

Carsten Schmidt

Multiple Interface Watcher (MIW) is a graph utility that shows the utilisation of up to 20 different network interfaces. The interfaces are defined in a file which is read by MIW. The data is requested using SNMP and percentage value are calculated.

miw carsten schmidt change options exe version select tools graphs

Make your .NET app run faster with NETCF too!

EQATEC Profiler


Spot slow code: Are you a .NET developer? Would you like your application to run faster? Then use our free profiler to spot you app''s slow code. Speedup any .NET app: As the only code profiler in the world, our profiler can even handle .NETCF

precise instrumentation developers graph benchmark code profiler optimization

MathCalc is calculator and graph plotter.


YPS software

MathCalc is a handy mathematical calculator as well as easy-to-use 2D graph plotter. The program has a friendly user interface, easy to learn and comfortable to operate. MathCalc can work with two modes: the calculator and graph plotter mode.

bmp time mode graph points wysiwyg logarithmic functions trigonometric

Utility to display the real-time traffic

UltraStats Site Monitor


UltraStats Site Monitor is a simple utility to display the real-time traffic graph of your website on the screen of your PC - it can be used only together with UltraStats.Net statistics service as additional module.

html fragment statistics reports convenience real time unique visitors statistics data


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