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Fully automated scheduling with total control


Davallia Technology

SmartRoster generates schedules for churches or other enterprises. Enter people, roles, events, work-together preferences, absences, and SmartRoster automatically builds the schedule for distribution by email or hardcopy. Very visual and easy to use!

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Best QuickBooks, Excel & Access Report Writer

Drill-Down Tally 2005


Drill-Down Tally is the best report writer for any business. Just 3 easy steps can supercharge your Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, QuickBooks, ACT! and ODBC data files overnight. Create reports faster than Crystal Reports.

excel microsoft homebuilder start your own business dynamic product reseller program currency fields

Atkins Low Carb Diet Software

NutriGenie Low Carb Diet


Adopting the low carb diet has never been so easy. Latest update of the Atkins diet software series. Its nutrition analysis automatically calculates the unique Atkins Net Carbs values (of over 8,000 food items) to help you stay on the low carb diet.

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Auction research software



HammerTap is the original eBay market research tool that gives you the power to profit. HammerTap helps you find what sells and how to sell it, including the best ending day, best listing duration, starting price, title keywords and so much more.

bidding frenzy product category auctions researching ebay money

Monitor any Internet connection in real time


Monitor any Internet connection in real time. Prevent unauthorized traffic. Keep an eye on our compact, easy-to-read window to assess how sites and servers respond. Use it to detect spyware. Unauthorized traffic can no longer remain hidden.

data transfers network connections real time traffic internet connection precisely

A game of skill and puzzle


Bernd & Petra Heyer

A game of skill and puzzle for Windows. There are some objects to collected. But beware of the falling rocks, bombs or other objects.

old games bombs puzzle boulder dash next level given time

Build an Automated Sector Fund System

Build an Automated Sector Fund System / Venus United Capital

This online course shows you how to build a long term sector fund rotation model using MS Excel.

excel vba mutual fund index yahoo finance vba language csv data files modeling project

Calculate blood alcohol level

Cheers! Blood Alcohol Calculator

Michael Robinson

Cheers! Blood Alcohol Calculator is a program for accurate calculation of human blood alcohol content based on the the number of drinks, the alcohol content of each drink, the drinker's weight, height, sex, and age.

vague idea hours spent serial number drinks paypal beer mug

1,000s of lottery systems. REAL past results



Play almost any lottery game in the world ... test 1,000s of systems on YOUR lotto, daily or keno game and get the TOP10 money winners BEFORE you spend any money ... play with the best system or combine them into a super system.

pick your own combine money lottery game lotto powerful stuff

Create secure password quickly and easily.

Password Architect

Dunning Software

Password Architect helps you generate secure passwords that very difficult to guess or crack. Whether you're a home user or a network administrator, you'll find this is the tool you need to take the guesswork out of creating secure passwords.

variable length comma delimited database password network administrator architect


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