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Powerful eBay market research software.



DeepAnalysis gives you a wealth of information and statistics about any eBay market sector. Extract and process sales data and statistics for all the auctions in any eBay keyword search, category, or seller's list, going back as far as 30 days.

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Industry standard for eBay market research.

Wise Research DeepAnalysis

Wise Research

Wise Research DeepAnalysis is the industry standard for eBay research. Conduct research by category, keyword, price, seller and more. DeepAnalysis is a trademark of Bright Builders, Inc.

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Maintain an eBay blocked bidder list



Create, maintain, and share a list of bidders who are blocked from participating in your eBay online auctions. Save and share your list with other users. View information about bidders on your list and send them messages through eBay.

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Place eBay snipe bids even when not online

HammerSnipe PowerTool


HammerSnipe PowerTool is a specialized eBay and online auction browser and bid sniping tool that can place last-minute snipe bids for you even when you are away from your computer and not online.

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Auction research software



HammerTap is the original eBay market research tool that gives you the power to profit. HammerTap helps you find what sells and how to sell it, including the best ending day, best listing duration, starting price, title keywords and so much more.

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What you need to do to profit on eBay.

Wise Research Profit Prophet

Wise Research

Profit Prophet tells you what you need to do to profit on eBay. See how Cost of Goods, Expenses, Revenue, Promotion and Performance come together. Wise Research DeepAnalysis forecasts performance. Profit Prophet tells you how to maximize profit!

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Check any eBay user's activities and feedback

BayCheck Pro


Enter an eBay user ID, and with a single click, retrieve: (1) seller history, (2) bidder history, (3) feedback received, (4) feedback left for others. Extract negative and neutral comments from a long list of eBay feedback.

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A complete eBay email solution.

BayMail Pro


BayMail Pro is a complete eBay email solution. Send email to other eBay users without their actual email addresses. Send messages to multiple users at once. Automatically retrieve user IDs from eBay. Save message templates and mailing lists.

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