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Can send mail directly to unlimited recipient

Rapid Email Sender

Valid Email Collector

Rapid Email Sender is an intelligent software that can send personalized newsletter to any number of recipient. It is very easy to use. For sending flyers, brochures, newsletter and others this is a perfect tool.

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Converts images to PDF with a Windows utility

Image to PDF Desktop Application

Utility Warrior

Image to PDF is a Windows utility that converts one or more images into a PDF document through an easy to use and intuitive interface which is sectioned up using "tabs" that provide an easy one-click method of accessing and changing all settings.

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Backup Digital Photos to CD, DVD, Disk

Photo TurboBackup

FileStream, Inc.

Photo TurboBackup focuses exclusively on backing up your most valuable photos. It lets you back up directly to DVD, CD, fixed or removable disks, or networked drives, no other software or hardware is needed.

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Send personalized email messages with Outlook

eMailMerge 4Outlook

Send personalized email messges to your customers with the use of eMailMerge. eMailMerge works as an addon on Outlook and has a powerful wizard that can customize your messages and send them to your customers and friends within seconds.

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