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Internet searching productivity tool

Surf Sense

Rosetta Software Ltd

Look up any highlighted text in a Windows program on the internet using a hotkey! Alternatively use the recent word buffer to search for words you''ve already typed. Multiple pre-configured search engines and locales, and customisation capabilities.

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Search & transfer artwork for iTunes and iPod


JTA Software LLC

Automatically download album artwork for iTunes and iPod. Image Analysis to prioritize images selection for near 100% accuracy. Automatic Mode searches and adds art without user interaction. Simple to use, fast image searches and transfers.

album artwork for itunes image analysis automatic mode accuracy demo images

Stops ALL types of Internet advertisements

Net Nanny's Ad-Free Try to Buy Edition

BioNet Systems, LLC

Net Nanny's Ad-Free stops disruptive online advertisements from cluttering web pages, instant messengers, and file sharing applications (P2P).

internet advertisements pop up stopper cluttering net nanny desktop clutter competing products

Swingpro is a Bat Swing Chronograph



Swingpro is a combination software/wireless swing chronograph that can measure swing speed (MPH) and reaction time (hundreds of seconds).

contact pitch speed trend graph 10ft cable speed average graph plots

Audio MP3 ID3 Tag Editor edits mp3 id3 v1/v2

Audio MP3 ID3 Tag Editor

MP3 Editor Inc.

Audio MP3 ID3 Tag Editor supports to edit MP3 ID3 V1 Tag and MP3 ID3 V2 Tag. With this software, you may edit MP3 ID3 Tag V1 or V2 includes "Title", "Artist", "Album", "Year", "Genre", "Comment", "Track" and more other information.

artist album mp3 id3 tag lyrics title artist nt 2000 windows platform


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