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Mobile Web site/database CMS

Smans data server


Smans is a mobile Web CMS and tools for dynamic database-driven site development. Smans server generates a simple XHTML interface for site administrators and database users. That interface works through the mobile cell phone, PDA and PC.

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Screen Spy Internet Activity Recorder


Retina-X Studios, LLC

Screen Spy records a screenshot every 30 seconds (adjustable) while remaining completely hidden from view in stealth. You access the hidden interface through secret methods. Playback of activity is like a movie with an easy VCR like interface.

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Auto Compare, backup, synchronize folders

Auto Folder synchronization


Easy-to-Use File synchronization and backup tool, it can automatically Compare, backup, synchronize, and replicate any type of files/folders from one computer to another computer, local hard disk to hard disk, and other storage device.

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FREE XML/database content editor from Altova

Altova Authentic

Altova, Inc.

Altova Authentic 2007 is a FREE XML and database content editor that allows business users to view and edit data without being exposed to the underlying technology. It is ideal for use as the front end of custom XML and database-centric applications.

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