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Open-source based project management and PSA



Open-source based project management and PSA (Professional Services Automation) solution for consulting companies. P/C covers the entire project life cycle from sales (CRM-light), staffing, execution to invoicing and payment.

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multimedia cross media player, MPEG-21

AXMEDIS PC Player light


PC Players for AXMEDIS MPEG-21 Cross-media Contents Player for PC, and few demostrative contents

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AXMEDIS MPEG-21 Multskin Players

Axmedis Multiskin Player


This installer provides a Multiskin Player for AXMEDIS MPEG-21 Cross-media Contents. Customize your AXMEDIS Player according to your needs and style. The package contains AXMEDIS MPEG-21 demostrative contents as well.

presentation files active x format document drm logs pdf ppt

VB.Net to J# Converter

VB.Net to J# Converter


The VBConversions VB.Net to J# Converter is a Visual Studio 2003 add-in which will instantly convert your VB.Net programs to J#.

untouched converters constructs vb visual studio environment array arguments

Free biorhythms software

MISPBO Biorhythms

MISPBO Technologies

MISPBO Biorhythms can graph three biorhythms(intellectual, emotional, and physical) in your choice of starting date, and duration. It can also analyze your "high", "low", and "critical" days.

biorhythm software knowing magic mirror biorhythms capabilities dating

The Season To Love Christmas Screensaver

The Season To Love Christmas Screensaver

Scenic Reflections Screensavers

The screensaver unfolds the true meaning behind the festival. The joy to give, share and love is what the season is all about. The slides capture the true essence of the season. Download this screensaver to feel the spirit on Christmas take over you.

slides feel the spirit joy love true meaning true essence


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