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GateWall is an easy to use toolkit to provide Internet access for LAN users. The network administrator will be able to supervise Internet connections, calculate consumed traffic, email detailed usage reports to consumers and much more!

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Tile-based puzzle game with internet features


Tom Murphy 7

Escape is a tile-based puzzle game in the style of "Adventures of Lolo" or "Chip's Challenge." Unlike either of those games, Escape doesn't rely at all on reflexes--it's all about your brain.

switches puzzle game brain lasers reflexes puzzles

Proxy server with dynamic web content filter.

602LAN SUITE Content Filter

Software602, Inc.

Proxy server with access control and dynamic web content filter for controlled Internet sharing. Filter access to 22 categories of objectionable and inappropriate web content. Includes an integrated firewall and NAT. No annual updates are required.

real time proxy server acceptable internet objectionable content content filtering time web

Internet sharing and firewall software


Lijun Qin

SolidShare provides firewall security and Internet sharing on your LAN. Any computer on your local network will be able to transparently and securely access the Internet.

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BrowseGate3 is a low cost NAT/Proxy/Firewall

BrowseGate 3

NetCPlus Internet Solutions,Inc

BrowseGate3 is an all new and very powerful, yet low cost NAT/Proxy/Firewall system designed to work in any network environment from the 2 PC Home network right through to the the largest business network. It offers automatic on-demand Internet

nat proxy web proxy proxy firewall network environment server dhcp cable modems

SolidShare firewall Analyzer

SolidShare Analyzer

Lijun Qin

SolidShare Analyzer can parse the log files generated by solidshare, generate report on bandwidth utilization and possible security problems use both graphical and text formation.

time range log files bandwidth utilization security problems intranet web server unattended

Cyclope Internet Filtering Proxy

Cyclope Internet Filtering Proxy


Cyclope Internet Filtering Proxy monitors the entire Internet traffic and blocks the access to websites and files according to the chosen filter. The Internet Filter allows to specify URL, keywords and file types rules.

video rules internet sharing software email explicit content entire network internet filtering software

HTTP Proxy Server

Etlin HTTP Proxy

Eternal Lines

Etlin HTTP Proxy Server for Windows that allows you to share a web connection. Multiple users on your local network can acess the web simultaneously by using the connected machine as their web proxy.

web proxy proxy server tcp proxy bandwidth limits simultaneously internet applications

Internet connection sharing software

PPPshar Pro

PPP Infotech Ltd

PPPshar Pro is a proxy server that enables you to share a single Internet connection of any type (Dialup, DSL, Cable modem, or satellite connection) among several computers in your home or office network. Tiny and easy to use, runs in system tray.

direcway adsl cable dialup aol dsl ip addresses internet services

Easy setup, powerful proxy server for window.



ezProxy is a proxy server, make all your computers share one connection to internet. provide everything you need to simultaneously connect all your computers to the Internet through just one simple connection with your existing service provider.

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