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Hide your Windows Web Server from hackers


Port80 Software

ServerMask 2.0 obscures the identity of a Windows Web server by removing the most obvious signs that you are running IIS. This ISAPI filter removes or modifies unnecessary HTTP response data to make fingerprinting your web server more difficult.

mmc interface asp session anonymization apache scripting party server

Web enable your NT user accounts.

User Directories for IIS

Dash Technologies

User Directories for IIS is an IIS ISAPI Filter DLL that web enables your Windows user accounts. This functionality has long been available on UNIX platforms and now it is available for the IIS web server.

windows user conversion costs html folder unix web configuration options filter support

Win Web server IPS stops known and new attacks.



ThreatSentry Windows Web server Host Intrusion Prevention software defends IIS against new and progressive attack techniques, protects network weak points, overcomes lapses in patch management, and reinforces regulatory compliance.

server requests progressive attack isapi filter microsoft management console high bit intrusion detection

Web site authentication for IIS4/5/6



IISGate is high performance web site authentication, password protection, access management, for Microsoft Internet Information Server IIS4/5/6.

directory level address client validation cookie authentication internet information server authentication client

prevent hotlinking



The ColdLink iis isapi filter or apache module transparently maps and rewrites protected urls dynamically in realtime within every page served from your site.

apache module urls search engines maps realtime even bookmark

Remove file extensions from URLs & source code


Port80 Software, Inc.

PageXchanger for IIS eliminates file extensions from URLs and source code for a more secure and user-friendly Web site. Port80's powerful content negotiation tool shortens URLs, hides underlying technology, and eases platform transitions.

gui interfaces transition technology isapi filter asp php underlying technology typing errors

Disguise dynamic pages for search engines

Search Engine Friendly ISAPI Filter

L-Space Design

Disguise dynamic pages as static ones. Static pages are much more likely to be crawled. Extra Features: Convert file extensions Easy administration Use to assist search engines in finding content. Show interested people your site

search engines dynamic content dynamic web relevant content web server directory structure

Stop other sites from linking to your images.

Image Blocker for IIS

Dash Technologies

Image Blocker prevents other web sites from linking directly to your protected resources. You can protect graphics, music files, movies, javascripts, css files and more. Image Blocker will reduce your bandwidth by limiting unnecessary links.

web pages hyperlink server performance bandwidth minimal impact isapi filter

Anti-Leeching Access Control Web Security


Port80 Software, Inc.

LinkDeny stops content leechers from stealing bandwidth and gives the IIS administrator total control over access to sensitive, private or copyrighted files and downloads. Start defending your IIS Web site today! Now with 7.x and 64-bit Support!

bad traffic flexible rules header type binary files leechers complete control



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