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A powerful and useful Network Proxy/Firewall


Linkbyte Software, Inc.

A powerful and easy to use Proxy/Firewall for internet connection sharing. ComTun has many advanced features useful for both business and home use. With support for access control and banner blocking, you have ultimate control of your connection.

proxy firewall hackers transparent connection ultimate control proxy service dhcp

Play online or against your computer.

Piquet by MeggieSoft Games

MeggieSoft Games

Play this respected card game (dating back to the 15th century) against an online opponent or against your computer. Piquet has a rich user interface with many customizable visual, audio, and game options.

finished games card backs cards click and drag maximum advantage suit sequences

NetSupport Manager PC Remote Control Software

NetSupport Manager Remote Control


Perform remote support and management on multiple systems simultaneously over a LAN, WAN and the Internet with this PC remote control software. Provides speedy, secure remote PC access, dynamic inventory, automated scripting and more.

choice award winner pc remote control desktop management software support mobile netsupport manager secure remote

Remote wakeup tool


Oleg Rodnin

Wakeup - remote wakeup (power on) tool via LAN. It's simply - Select computers from list and press "Wake!" button ! Computers can be waked from sleep, standby, hibernate, power off states.

hibernate wakeup lan

Install applications remotely, run processes

EMCO Remote Administration

Emco Software Ltd.

EMCO Remote Administration is a deployment tool to install, remove, or configure applications on remote computers within a LAN. With built-in Macro Scripter to make script files where you have over 60 functions to choose from by drag and drop.

script files service ability macro scripts memory usage remote administration lan

XP Lan Pro 3.1 Perfect Software for windows.

XP Lan Pro


XP Lan Pro 3.1 can determine following things. IP address of your computer, MAC address of LAN card, Host Name Determination, Subnet Mask of your network, DNS Server, DHCP Server, Incomming Bytes Per Second, Outgoing Bytes Per Second.

colours subnet mask mac address computer mac system tray icon dhcp server

Lannouncement - bulletin board system & alert


Taro Software Inc.

Taro Software's Lannouncement bulletin board system (BBS) lets you post emergency must-read messages that automatically appear to the LAN user on login or pops-up no matter what application they are in! Provides BBS threaded discussions.

line discussions group application customer feedback area typical uses microsoft windows nt public dialog

Excel server can make MS Excel networked.

BC Excel Server 2006 Complete SE

Beijing Cesoft Co., Ltd.

Excel Server 2006 (Complete Standard Edition) with MSDE 2000 is an integral information platform built on Excel, MS SQL Server, and Windows OS. It is an easy tool of MS Excel networked and EAI.

database applications public data accounting books excel template information platform sql server

Network file utility.

Disk Auditor Net

SkySof Software Inc.

Scan for and store daily network file statistics such as creator, deletor, archiver, creation date, deletion date, last access date, last archived date, etc. Tally important file statistics for specific directories such as # modified files, etc.

graphs tally queries archived files deleted files blink of an eye

CDX ESafeFile File and Email Encryption

CDX ESafeFile

Hughes Financial Services

Secure your email and files with CDX ESafeFile. ESafeFile creates encrypted, password protected self extracting files. With ESafeFile sensitive information can be transferred safely and securely via email or the internet.

drag and drop servers email messages incalculable number aes encryption microsoft outlook


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