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A universal code and document library.

CodeVista II

MacroVista corp.

With CodeVista, programmers can store and organize snippets of code, whole classes or even complete program installation kits as well as any other type of files together with rich text formatted notes and descriptions, Internet links and much more.

program installation databases library features library store hierarchical manner code library

Easily organize your book collection.

Book Tracker - Collector's Edition

Duck Software

Organize all your books with 19 different fields. Simple interface makes it easy to browse, sort, and print out all kinds of information on each book. Other features include custom reports, labels, searching, librarian fields, and custom fields.

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BookTrack-The Complete Library Mgmt System

BookTrack-The Complete Library Management System

Abhiram Softwares Pvt Ltd

BookTrack - The Complete Library Management Software for Your Library. Can be deployed on Internet or Internet. Visit

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Membership tracking application suite

MembershipPro Suite

Coon Creek Software

Church, synagogue, or club application suite for membership management including book library management.

pie chart photo directories application suite contribution analysis tax pledge membership database

Extends Google GDS adding CD,DVD,Flash,etc.

Datacatch - Google Desktop Search Plugin

Datacatch Inc.

Adds removable media to your Google GDS index. A must have media storage solution for anyone with files, downloads, photos, designs or critical business data stored on CD, DVD, flash memory & removable hard drives. Simple to use-automated cataloging.

removable media movie files backup files engineering designs files organize business archives

School library automation software

Biblio School

Librarysmith Software

Biblio School is a comprehensive library automation package designed by teachers and school librarians as a teaching resource specifically for the school environment.

biblio school environment technical queries library database school librarians student participation

Desktop and system security for Windows 2000.

StormWindow 2000

Cetus Software Inc.

Cetus StormWindow [TM] for Windows 2000 will allow the authorized user to add several types and degrees of security to the desktop and system of any shared Windows 2000 PC.

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Icon Grabber, Extractor & Librarian; Freeware

Icon Collector

Michael Brick

Icon Collector searches files and directories for icons. Found icons are listed and can be copied, extracted and saved as icon or bitmap files. In addition, the Collector makes it easy to create icon libraries via drag & drop and to work on them.

libraries bitmap files collections

Create and debug visually CGI scripts offline


Xarka Software

OptiPerl will help you make CGI scripts in Perl, offline in Windows. It is a fully integrated visual environment and editor for creating, testing, debugging and running perl scripts, directly or through associated html documents. Includes many tools.

html documents learn perl visual environment document feature remote debugging navigational tool

THESIS - Rapid SCORM eLearning - Free Trial

THESIS Rapid SCORM eLearning

HunterStone, Inc.

Add THESIS to your eLearning Toolbox today! Convert any web presentable content. Create content with Word, PowerPoint, Excel. SCORM Object Packaging, SCORM Assessments, Simple Sequencing, and more!

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