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Search and/or replace by regular expressions.

Regular Expression Component Library for BCB6

Tropic Software East Inc.

Search and/or replace strings or files using regular expressions. Supports both VCL and non-VCL programming. Flexible expression options to match any type of regular expression syntax. Uses a property/method/event programming model.

single match c builder 6 model c expression syntax unix tools wildcards

Send personalized email directly from C++

Marshallsoft Client Mailer for C/C++

MarshallSoft Computing

With the push of a button, send personalized text or html email with attachments to clients or customers directly from an application program, programmable database or spreadsheet. Check for bounced email or replies (REMOVE, CONFIRM, OPT-OUT, etc.).

application program error detection email delivery support libraries character sets borland c

A multilingual support SDK for VC++.


Hanmen Software, Inc.

This Software Development Kit (SDK) to realize multilingual support with external text-like language packs for VC++ programming. It is a leading solution about software multilingual supporting technology with rich features

windows api sdk mfc programming microsoft translation multilingual support

Design, create flash slideshow with thumbs.

A2 Flash slideshow v25


Design and create easily and professionally looking all kind of perfect Flash slide show or photo-gallery too. Your clients will be absolutely jazzed by the flash slide show You will produce for their websites. No flash skill required. Try now.

flash portfolio animated effects zoom effects multimedia flash click sound flash slideshow

Import Documents from Remote.

Document Import Kit for SharePoint (DocKIT)

Vyapin Software Systems Pvt Ltd.,

DocKIT provides a one-step and one-stop solution to import documents from remote systems into Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server

server public german spanish document import backward compatibility microsoft exchange server sharepoint portal server

School library automation software

Biblio School

Librarysmith Software

Biblio School is a comprehensive library automation package designed by teachers and school librarians as a teaching resource specifically for the school environment.

biblio interrogate library database search module library stock school librarians

Easy diskless Win-Terminal from any hardware.



Windows Terminal Services Client for diskless computer network boot. WTware package includes all software to create a terminal: OS, drivers, network services and terminal services client. Any PC from 486/8Mb to modern can be used as a terminal.

windows terminal services cards diskless computer linux kernel graphic performance flash card readers

SMTP / POP3 FoxPro email component library.

SMTP/POP3 Email Engine for FoxPro

MarshallSoft Computing

MarshallSoft SMTP / POP3 Visual FoxPro email component library uses a simple API to send and receive mail, including HTML and MIME attachments, from within an application. Transparent Winsock and TCP/IP. Not dependant on support libraries.

utf pop3 authentication mail dll source code visual dbase pb dll

.NET TraceRoute class collection.


Bill Koukoutsis

The BKTraceRoute v3.0 .NET class collection contains TraceRoute and associated utility classes for tracing the route to one or more remote hosts. Per Developer and Source Code Licensing are available.

code 3 class libraries c code compiled html help file compiled html help runtime royalties

Interpolate and solve equ in .NET/COM/WS Apps

WebCab Functions for Delphi

WebCab Components

Add refined numerical procedures to either construct a function of one or two variables from a set of points (i.e. interpolate), or solve an equation of one variable; to your .NET, COM and XML Web service Applications. Delphi 3-8 & 2005 are supported

cubic splines connectivity model delphi interpolation functions dbms false position


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