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Educational, fun, math drill game.

Math Ninja

Piotr J. Walczak

Math Ninja is an educational fun math game. Objective of the game is to answer correctly all given excercises, as fast as possible. The game has 8 levels of difficulty. Features addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and negative numbers.

excercises correct answers game objective unattended difficulty multiplication and division

Send personalized email directly from C++

Marshallsoft Client Mailer for C/C++

MarshallSoft Computing

With the push of a button, send personalized text or html email with attachments to clients or customers directly from an application program, programmable database or spreadsheet. Check for bounced email or replies (REMOVE, CONFIRM, OPT-OUT, etc.).

application program base features borland c error detection maintenance updates marketing software

XML story editor for newspapers journalists



Editorial text editor using XML for writers, freelance, journalists or correspondents with integrated monitoring of Press Agencies news using NewsML, exports to prepress formats: NewsML , NITF, InDesign, XPress, RSS 2.0, FTP or SMTP stories transfer

integrated news rtf correspondents flexible tools formatted articles editorial systems

IPConvert - An IPv4 to IPv6 Converter



IPConvert will take a standard IPv4 IP address, and display it as an IPv6 IP address, showing it in four different formats. Useful for quick conversions and for getting used to the up-and-coming IPv6 address format. IPConvert is FREEWARE.

dot notation microsoft adware spyware conversions msi microsoft virii

Draw snowflakes and stars up to 90 sides!

Snowflakes & Stars


Draw colorful snowflakes and stars with perfect symmetry from 4 to 90 sides with a few mouse clicks. Anyone can be an artist and produce stunning images that are almost as awe-inspiring as the snowflakes in winter!

symmetry creativity stunning images mouse clicks awe crystals


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