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In the 1920s, girls got better by being bad!

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!

Mousechief Co.

Styled after vintage board games. Branching narrative of girl gang hi-jinx. Naughty mini-games. (taunt, flirt, expose, fib...) Simple RPG skills and leveling. Useful prizes. Disposable boyfriends. 1920s real period music. 20 hours of social satire.

pogo sticks period music love lives cigar lighters good girls social satire

Keep track of time with TimeCard Mobile

TimeCard Mobile Outlook Solutions

With TimeCard Mobile in the handheld device, you can manage appointments and get them ready for reporting even if you are not working in front of the computer. When you synchronize your calendars, your TimeCard data will be updated automatically.

workgroup free application appointments mobile device calendars single user

Continuous monitoring of your web site

EverWatch Server Monitor

AccuSolve, Inc.

Freeware program to continuously monitor your web server's (or any other server's) up and down time. User-defined polling interval and detailed logging and performance statistics.

server monitor web host internet connection poll continuously system tray

Computer hard drive cleaning software

Cleaning Agent

Ancodia software

Computer hard drive cleaning software. Cleans you disks of unwanted files and folders fast. Lets you configure what items to clean - such as log files, cache files, temporary folders - and then removes them quickly with a click anytime you need.

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