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Personalized HTML bulk email software



e-Campaign enables you to design rich HTML emails/newletters/ezines easily, and deliver personalized HTML emails to mail lists.

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Send ur advertising message to ppl instantly!


IPPoster: Instant messages, instant leads! A new marketing revolution!Send your advertising message to millions of people instantly!Target your advertisement geographically!Advertising message on someone's screen, the second you send it!

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extract email addresses and send bulk email

Email catcher&sender


Email catcher&sender can extract email addresses from local files(any type), web sites ,search engines and newsgroups.Embeded in SMTP server that quickly send mass email directly to recipients.No use your ISP'S SMTP server.

msn aol looksmart search engines yahoo newsgroups url filters

MailBoy 2004 - Easy yet powerful mass mailer.

MailBoy 2004 MASS MAILER

MMSoft Inc.

MailBoy 2004 MASS MAILER - Easy yet powerful mass mailer. Fully integrated DNS and SMTP - you can focus on marketing, not on setting the tool!

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Newsletter and advertising e-mail send/handle



Newsletter and advert e-mail creator for the regular guy. The "Professional e-mail newsletter for dummies". Don''t waste your valuable time, use E-Fisher Newsletter to create and send HTML e-mail newsletters. Includes everything from template to send

label printer dummies registers mail newsletter fisher mail editor

extract email addresses and send bulk email

Netemail pack

Netemail pack can extract email addresses from local files(any type), web sites ,search engines .Embeded in SMTP server that quickly send mass email directly to recipients.No use your ISP'S SMTP server.

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Mail Server - SMTP/POP3/IMAP, AntiSpam, YDK

Eserv Mail Server


Mail Server - SMTP/POP3/IMAP, AntiSpam (Bayes learning through IMAP/HTTP; SPF, SenderID, RBL, YDK), AntiVirus, content filter, aliases, routing, maill ists, mail robots, WebMail, statistics, unlimited domains and users number (auth AD, ODBC, txt)

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A windows explorer integrated mailprogram


Kodbolaget Stockholm AB

xTang is a fully windows explorer integrated mail program with html-mail support, spam protection, spell checking in 20 languages and easy to use message rules. Includes routines for converting from your old mail program to xTang.

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Fast and easy to use email list manager

Send-Safe Email List Manager


Email list management software - fast and easy. Provides rich set of functions (extract, clean, merge lists, remove, filter, separate, randomize and etc.), has no maillists size limit, handles multi-column lists, supports automation of tasks.

contact free upgrades automation split file randomize folders

Free e-mail list manager made simple.

DragNDrop E-mail List Manager

Gilmore Software Development

Free full featured e-mail list manager extracts, merges, cleans, removes duplicate addresses & sorts with easy drag & drop interface. Constant contact with your customers or members is easy. Unique Outlook add-in captures new addresses automatically.

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