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New-generation software protection.



The protected parts of code are executed on the virtual machine, which makes it really difficult to analyze and crack the protected program. The built-in disassembler and using a MAP file will allow you to quickly select the necessary parts of the co

map virtual machine

Popup Blocker to stop those annoying ads.

Dogpile Toolbar

InfoSpace, Inc.

The Free Dogpile Toolbar serves as both a way to get relevant information right from your browser as well as a Popup Blocker to stop those annoying ads.

easy access metasearch news ticker toolbar features public records dogpile

Create applet menu just in minutes!

Applet Menu Builder


Create navigation applet menu just in minutes! Great tool for webmasters and web designers.

design tool web browser professional java text image zdnet development tool

A suite of clocks and other timekeeping tools

CLOX 2000

MiRaGe Audio Visual Media

A superb suite of analog and digital clocks and other timekeeping tools. Featuring timezone clocks, internet time synchronization, alarm, calendar, daylight map and other accessories including stopwatches, countdowns and more.

reliable software mature software automatic time time zones free plugin setting time

Discovery 3D Photo screensaver.

Discovery 3D Photo Screensaver

Photo Screensavers

The screensaver features beautiful artwork most noteworthy for the lighting techniques that make this work stand out. Each element of the screensaver, no matter how small, is carefully done.

manuscripts lighting techniques age of discovery magnifying glass discovery series illusion

FS2004/02/04 Courseplanner Flight Plan.


Complete with a color map to track all your moves in a separate window. Can be used with or without Flight Simulator running Allows you to use all the planes in your hangar, control the weather and much more. You can build your own database.

planes fs2000 build your own database flight simulator flight planner fs2002

flash panorama stitcher&virtual tour software

Easypano Studio


Easypano Studio 2007 has Panoweaver 5.0 and Tourweaver 3.0 professional in one installer and has all you need in panoramic photography and virtual tour presenting business. Panoweaver-flash panorama stitcher; Tourweaver-flash virtual tour maker

maps zoom interactive flash flash viewer source images high quality

Capture and remove lens aberrations


Alexander Ziegler Software Development

Software to highly precise and automatic capture and remove lens aberrations (distortion, vignetting) of consumer or high-end digital cameras

architecture photography systems architecture parameter representation high end digital cameras revaluation panorama photography

DISLIN is a high-level data plotting library

DISLIN for Salford FTN90

MPI fuer Aeronomie

DISLIN is a high-level and easy to use plotting library for displaying data as curves, bar graphs, pie charts, 3D-colour plots, surfaces, contours and maps. Several output formats are supported such as X11, VGA, PostScript, PDF, CGM, PNG and TIFF.

metafiles colour graphics software fonts x11 fonts plot routines windows api

Strategy board game in contemporary Africa


The Daily Grind Network

Welcome to Simbabwe, where the property is already owned and the houses built and you compete to burn and dispossess them. Bounce around the map plundering farms, denying grain silos to opposition supporters and robbing the community chest.

community chest robert mugabe rig travel ban sir godfrey cartoon graphics


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