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Dicom is an unit aware free calculator

Dicom Unit Aware Calculator


Dicom is the first ever unit aware calculator of its kind that deals with dimensions of physical quantities in mathematical expression. Dicom enables calculations, conversions, and documentations in one place, at absolutely no cost.

unit conversion documentations output document robust software physical quantities expression evaluator

Reglo: Graphics and layout design tool.


Basta Computing, Inc.

Reglo is a versatile graphics design tool including an on-screen ruler, a color picker, a magnifier, a mini-screen capture feature, and the ability to resize the windows of other applications.

sizing tool application windows orientations exact spot handy features keystroke

Swingpro is a Bat Swing Chronograph



Swingpro is a combination software/wireless swing chronograph that can measure swing speed (MPH) and reaction time (hundreds of seconds).

parallel port reaction time swing speed swing angle time to wait graph plots

Cut1DX is an automation component for 1D cut.

Cut 1D X

Optimal Programs

Cut 1D X is an Automation Component used for obtaining optimal cutting designs of one dimensional pieces which may have angles at their extremities. Cut 1D X can be used for cutting linear pieces such as bars, pipes, tubes, steel bars, etc.

independent measurement blade thickness extremities 2 pieces c builder maximal

Weight and body shape monitoring

Body Account

Otblesk Software

Program, which monitors your eating and activity processes together with your body weight and shape. The program shows you your daily balance as well as you general progress during the long period.

loosing weight breast achieving scientific knowledge scientifically goal weight

Signal generator, sound recorder and player.

DSSF3 Basic

Yoshimasa Electronic Inc.

The free version of the advanced sound measurement software DSSF3 is now available. It consists of the signal generator, sound recorder and player, and the peak level meter.

playback octave analysis triangle square measurement software soundboards hardware signal

On-screen electrocardiogram measurement.

Cardio Calipers


The Cardio Calipers provide a fast and accurate way to measure electrocardiograms on a computer screen with pixel perfect accuracy. The Cardio Calipers are the perfect solution for EKG measurement, to measure Heart Rate, and any part of the complex.

alignment pr interval paper options options screen calipers ekg

WorkoutGenerator creates exercise programs.


RoadSide Software, LLC

WorkoutGenerator is a simple tool to create a random workout based on used inputted information. It will also keep logs of your progress. Aerobic workouts included! WorkoutGenerator is 100% free to use and keep. Go to

calories aerobics program gives intuitive interface free access workouts

Accuratly measure any object on your screen.

Screen Calipers


The Screen Calipers are a unique application that allows designers to measure anything on a computer screen quickly and accurately. The application resembles real-life Vernier Calipers, making the application intuitive and easier than a screen ruler.

custom fields vernier calipers x rays keyboard controls picas inches centimeters

oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, signal gen

Virtins Pocket Instrument

Virtins Technology

It consists of a real time oscilloscope, a real time spectrum analyzer and a signal generator, and can run them simultaneously. It supports sophisticated triggering method including pre-trigger and post-trigger.

wave form amplitude spectrum real time signal generator virtual instrument software oscilloscopes


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