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Desktop digital stopwatch/countdown timer

XNote Stopwatch

dnSoft Research Group

This is a multifunctional, versatile and flexible digital stopwatch/countdown timer utility for your desktop. The program features count-up/down modes, alarm, re-sizable display, 'always on top' mode, system-wide hotkeys, split/lap time feature, etc.

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Hard Disk health and temperature monitoring

Hard Disk Sentinel

H.D.S. Hungary

Hard Disk Sentinel is a hard disk monitoring application which can help identifying possible hard disk problems, performance degradations and possible hard disk failures.

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A fluid volume conversion and display utility


Measurement And Conversion Software

A fluid volumes conversion and display utility. Lifelike flask graphic with adjustable scales, shows conversions. Drag the fluid, and the conversion values scroll with the movement. Features the most complete database of alcohol volume units.

graphical csv superseded conversions australian units list of alcohol

Multi-Functional Digital Stopwatch


Measurement And Conversion Software

A unique multi-functional Digital Stopwatch application featuring variable timing resolution (can be set anywhere from 1/100 second to 1 second). It includes cycle-rate (cycles/second and seconds/cycle) and speed (kph or mph) measurement modules.

digital stopwatch snap visible control fast forward measurement modules automatic assignment

Statistical data analysis software



WINKS (Windows KWIKSTAT) makes statistical data analysis understandable and easy to perform for the researcher, student, or scientist. Award-winning statistics program with thousands of users in over 65 countries.

statistical data analysis test frequency kruskal wallis analysis of variance chi square statistics program

Enhanced security AES file encryption.


Dariusz Stanislawek

dsCrypt is AES/Rijndael file encryption software with simple, multi-file, drag-and-drop operations. It features optimal implementation, performance, safety measures and offers unique options for enhanced security.

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How fast is your Palm? Benchmark 3.0 knows.


Quartus Handheld Software

Is your new Palm handheld faster than the last one? Quartus Benchmark 3.0 will tell you just how much faster.

new palm benchmark palm handheld quartus forth palm device

The best on-the-fly encryption software.

StrongDisk Pro

PhystechSoft, Ltd.

StrongDisk Pro is the most proven and reliable on-the-fly encryption software exists on the market. It makes a plain hard disk into a data strongbox that can be accessed by its owner only.

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Most powerful monitoring program.

PC Activity Monitor Standard (PC Acme Standard)

Raytown Corporation LLC

PC Activity Monitor Standard (PC Acme Standard) is an ultimate invisible and undetectable easy-to-use monitoring and surveillance tool for personal PCs. It is professional software that captures all users activity on the PC.

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iTunes M4P to MP3 converter on MAC OS X

MAC M4P Converter for iTunes

AhaMediaSoft Co.,LTD.

MAC M4P Converter convert any iTunes music to mp3 or AAC on Mac . It easily converts DRM protected iTunes m4p to mp3, m4a to mp3, m4b to mp3, m4p to AAC and various audio files to unprotected MP3 file formats at high speed, with CD quality.

mp3 formats music files m4a to mp3 virtual cd protection measures m4p converter


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