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Use Google GDS to search removable drives

Datacatch Desktop Search Assistant

Datacatch Inc.

With the Datacatch Desktop Search Plug-in you will never again waste time and money connecting removable drives or DVDs to search for critical archived files. Instantly find any file, photo, design, backup, or download stored on removable media.

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Extends Google GDS adding CD,DVD,Flash,etc.

Datacatch - Google Desktop Search Plugin

Datacatch Inc.

Adds removable media to your Google GDS index. A must have media storage solution for anyone with files, downloads, photos, designs or critical business data stored on CD, DVD, flash memory & removable hard drives. Simple to use-automated cataloging.

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Copy protect the images on your web site.

Secure Image 2.1


Copy protect the images on your web site using image encryption and domain lock. Safe from mouse copying, saving and spider grab programs (site downloaders). Only the encrypted images are uploaded, so the images are safe from even the webmaster.

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A fast and furious jetpack arcade gamegame

Aerial Antics Demo

Leadfoot Productions

Aerial Antics is a fast and furious Arcade game. Testing your skills in your attempt to win a place in the Aerial Antics flying circus. 50 challenging levels and physics based gameplay give you the opportunity to become a superstar performer.

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Auto ShutDown,Restart, Hibernate, Standby

ShutDownOne Home


Automatically Restart, ShutDown, Power Off, Hibernate, Standby at defined time. Password Settings Protection. Privacy Control: IE history, cookies, typed URLs and more. Scheduled operation, Hot Key and more...

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