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A powerful tool that convert doc to chm!


Dawningsoft Inc

DOC2CHM is a powerful tool to convert your Microsoft Word Document to CHM file by the outline of your word document. A powerful tool that convert word to chm, doc to chm by outline!

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This program parses emails given in a text.

Mail Grab - Email Parsing Tool


This program parses,lists,saves and prints out the email addresses in a given text.It is ideal for individuals who are selling products by email as well as ecommercing companies who need to enlarge their customer databases each day.

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Fast, Easy, and Compact File Protection


ZCureIT Tech

ZCureIT when you need data to remain safe and secure. ZCureIT wraps your information with several protective layer of encryption and compression to provide you with the peace of mind to know that you have done everything you can to protect your data.

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Create fillable PDF form files from Office


CenoPDF is the first in the industry that allows users to edit, save, convert and create PDF files with fillable form fields, annotations, actions etc. directly from Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher.

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For Mathematical and Scientific equations.

Abacus Math Writer

Sirius Computer Consultants Limited

MathWriter is a java stand-alone program that allows for the production of, Mathematical, Scientific and Engineering equations and formulae. Schoolteachers and Lecturers will find MathWriter useful for producing notes, reports and test papers.

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Desktop-Class Word Processing on Pocket PCs

TextMaker for Pocket PCs

SoftMaker Software GmbH

TextMaker is the only desktop-class word processor for Pocket PCs. Imagine being able to work on your Microsoft Word documents on the road, keeping content and all formatting intact. Imagine having a full-fledged word processor on your Pocket PC!

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Search in PDF files for anything you want.

PDF Search

GetPDF, Inc.

PDF Search performs full-text search in PDF files by keyword, title, subject and author. With PDF Search, you can easily and quickly find the information you want through all PDF files on your hard disk. It searches in DOC, RTF, TXT files as well.

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Keylogger tool records printed files history

Key Logger Software

Key logger software

Computer desktop activity recording application records all types of keyboard keystroke such as combination of key, function keys, case sensitive letter, typed characters, special keys, numeric keys, symbolic key into password protected log file.

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Attach any file to PDF document.

PDF Bundle

CoolPDF Software Inc

Attach any file to your existing PDF document. With this freeware utility, you can attach your Microsoft Word document or Excel document or Microsoft Visio document or Microsoft Publisher document or file of any type to your existing PDF file.

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Create PDF files from within Microsoft Office

Nice PDF Creator

NicePDF Software Inc.

Nice PDF Creator enables you to precisely convert Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint document and PostScript file to Adobe PDF document with active hyperlinks and full bookmarks. To create PDF files can be as simple as clicking a button of your mouse.

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