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File manager with additional functions

FileGeneral ControlCenter

Ingo Tröger

File manager with proven two-file window technology and various auxiliary functions for renaming, changing of attributes and sorting of files. A picture preview, a multimediaplayer, an id3 tag-editor and a jpeg-tester is integrated as well.

id3 tag editor file manager deletion possiblity window technology auxiliary functions duplicate files search drive

Addictive remake of the Amiga classic puzzler

Marbles Deluxe

Retro64 Computer Games

From the makers of Bugatron and Z-Ball comes Marbles Deluxe! Guide your little marble home in this super-addictive puzzler. Based on the legendary Amiga classic, Marbles Deluxe features gorgeous 3D rendered animations and 16 free levels.

amiga classic animations marbles deluxe addictive marble puzzler z ball deluxe features

UnixDos Toolkit for Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP

UnixDos Toolkit for Windows

Professional Software Solutions

UnixDos Toolkit contains 65 UNIX programs +28 new tools with 250 pages Help for Win95/98/2k/NT+MSDOS. Run powerful tasks directly from the command line/batch files. It has many improvements over UNIX® and with a more powerfull argument expansion.

m4 batch files cc1 touch display dos2unix cc3 egrep u date

Detects non existing mail accounts.


Email Business Software

ResponseAnalizer saves the email addresses of these non existing mail accounts. You can then remove these email addresses from your mailing list.

user unknown mail accounts email account mail servers time intervals send an email email addresses mail box


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