Free Music Background Downloads

It supplies your code with background music.

Background Music Component

Sergey Saimanin

Background Music Component provides your applications with background music. The component lets your application looks more featured. Just drop it to your main form in Delphi or C++ Builder and enjoy a background music in your application.

music component c builder background music delphi

American state symbols, patriotic screensaver

American Banner FREE

Altix Soft

American state symbols, patriotic screensaver. The american symbols: a views of The American Banner, The Statues of Liberty, The White House. A music background: "The Star-Spangled Banner", "America - the Beautiful", "My Country".

star spangled banner america the beautiful images american banner white house american state

Amazed images of Butterflies and plump Moths

Butterflies Screensaver volume 2

Altix Soft

And once again butterflies, and once again colorful world of small nature. This screen saver shows images of beautiful butterflies and plump moths. Fantastic mini a world on your screen! The screen saver contains 40 pictures + music

resolution 1024 music music colorful world jennifer lopez screen saver popular music

Creates Flash sound players and buttons.

Fun SoundPlayer Maker


Creates Flash sound players and buttons to publish background music and voice comments to your web-site. It does not require any special knowledge about Flash from you, all you need to do is just 1-2-3 steps.

background music audio stream record voice live radio voice comments mpeg audio

PowerPoint presentation to video converter



PPTmovie is a nice and easy solution for converting PowerPoint presentations to video files. It perfectly works with animations, graphics, transitions and audios of the original PowerPoint Presentations.

powerpoint presentation video files slides powerpoint presentations narrations music background

Images of reptiles (snakes)+music

Snakes Screensaver

Altix Soft

If you have a warm spot for cold-blooded creatures, then you might appreciate the Snakes Screensaver. It puts on a slide show of 32 high-quality photos of various types of snakes, many of them close-up shots. A nice music background.

cold blooded high quality photos nice music puts transition effects screen saver control

Transforms Winamp skins to Flash sound player



Transforms any original Winamp skin to Flash sound player for publishing background music to sites. It does not require any knowledge of Flash or HTML and allow to turn audio player on and off directly on your web-site.

simple steps winamp skin background music playlist button step template html



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