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convert any data source to MySQL and backward

MySQL Migration Toolkit

Intelligent Converters

MySQL Migration Toolkit is a software pack to convert any data source to MySQL and vice versa. It includes the following utilities: Access-to-MySQL, Excel-to-MySQL, MSSQL-to-MySQL, MySQL-to-Access, MySQL-to-Excel, MySQL-to-MSSQL and Oracle-to-MySQL.

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Convert mysql to excel , convert excel mysql

Excel-Mysql converter


convert MySql to Excel spreadsheets or convert any Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into MySQL utilizing easy to use Wizard style interface, Just follow the simple screens and let the wizard automatically do all the work ..

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Development and administration tool for MySQL

MySQL Developer Studio

Core Lab Software Development

Powerful database development and administration environment for MySQL. Presents a large set of database tools for simplifying interaction with MySQL and automating the database development process. Comes with detailed documentation and tutorials.

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Easier way to run scripts on a MySQL server

SQL Runner

Lost Luggage Studios

SQL Runner is a small utility that lets you store and run SQL scripts against MySQL servers. It lets you build Script Sets that contain as many SQL scripts as you want. Each script can also contain tests to check if the fix is needed.

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Converts your MS-Access database to mySQL


Christian C. Rasmussen

ATAF can automatic convert the database design and copy the data from a MS-Access database and create it on a mySQL server.

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Professional MySQL GUI

MyCon Pro


MyCon (MySQL Console) is an extremely powerful windows based graphical user interface (MySQL GUI) for administering and working with MySQL server databases from version 3.21.x to 5.x.

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Flexible Feature Packed Data Backup Software

Vembu StoreGrid Backup Software-Free Edn

Vembu Technologies

Vembu StoreGrid is an extremely flexible feature packed Data Backup Software that works with your existing hardware. StoreGrid can facilitate intranet, client-server & remote backups and is ideal for Home networks,SOHOs,SMBs and IT Service Providers

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Automatically backup your MySQL databases.

MySQL Auto Backup

SwordSky Software

MySQL Auto Backup is a Windows program to backups your data automatically from MySQL Database Server to SQL/PHP/CSV/XML/HTML/TEXT files or MySQL databases. The program can backups the data from remote server in the Internet to local computer.

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Collection of Delphi examples and Tutorials

Collection of Delphi Examples Software

Collection of most wanted Delphi examples with full source code and animated tutorials as a standalone application. No third party components. Pure Delphi.Examples include: Database application example, Reports, mysql,sound, and many many more.

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Connection to ODBC data sources for any app.

Odbc 4 All

p.i. Guolo Davide

Allows any application, including DOS, to easily run SQL queries using any ODBC data source, (Access, MySql, Oracle, Informix, ...) redirecting the output to the screen, an ascii file / table or a DBF table.

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