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Network monitoring, recovery and notification


Active+ Software

Administration, Monitoring and Recovery of any networked resources (Windows Services, TCP/IP Services, web servers, routers, file systems, Process memory and CPU usage, Event Log, ...) and notifcation in case of downtime (email, SMS, phone call, ...)

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Port Scan looks for open TCP network ports

PacketTrap Port Scan

PacketTrap Networks, Inc.

PacketTrap Port Scan is a utility that looks for open TCP ports on one or more network nodes. Port Scan may be configured to scan commonly used ports or a custom set of ports as needed. The fast, accurate results are available for export.

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 Open and close ports on your PC

Port Magic

Pure Networks, Inc.

Port Magic provides the easiest way to play online by automatically opening and closing ports on your Internet gateway to enable you to play multiplayer games with friends over the Internet.

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Emsa Port Blocker - TCP Port Blocker Utility

Emsa Port Blocker


Emsa Port Blocker is a TCP blocking utility. What it does, is blocking unwanted tcp access from/to your computer with customizable rules. It is not a firewall, but acts in a somewhat similar fashion. Freeware.

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Professional firewall logging software.

Link Logger - Zywall 3.52

Binary Visions Inc

Affordable professional logging tool with all the features including remote notification, custom alarms, hostname and whois lookups, network messaging, automatic data management, historical searches, description of port services, online updates, etc.

network traffic traffic analysis data management logging tool hostname alarms

Gather detailed data on your system & Windows

Techfacts XP

Dean Software Design

Techfacts XP lets you examine, diagnose, monitor and troubleshoot Windows and your system. Gather detailed data on every aspect of your system and Windows. Supports Windows 98, ME, NT, 2K and XP. Gives you the data Microsoft tools do not.

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Win Web server IPS stops known and new attacks.



ThreatSentry Windows Web server Host Intrusion Prevention software defends IIS against new and progressive attack techniques, protects network weak points, overcomes lapses in patch management, and reinforces regulatory compliance.

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Diagnose, monitor and repair Windows XP

PC Surgeon

Dean Software Design

PC Surgeon is a powerful tool that will diagnose, monitor and repair your Windows XP (NT,2000 supported) platform. Over 70 features and functions.

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