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MxCalc 12c RPN Financial Calculator -PocketPC

MxCalc 12c RPN Financial Calculator

3GR Technologies

MxCalc 12c Platinum is a HP 12c * RPN Financial Calculator software for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Calculates loan payments, interest rates and conversions, standard deviation, percent, TVM, NPV, IRR, cash flows, bonds and more.

algebraic programming scientific engineering standard deviation unconditional money hp 12c cash flows

Real estate investment & development software

Real Estate Investment Software


Easy for beginning investors and agents to get started. Powerful, advanced features for commercial real estate developers, experienced investors, and agents. Create an investment analysis for each investor's share of ownership.

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Calculates Discounted Cash Flows.

MoneyToys - Discounted Cash Flows applet

The MoneyToys - Discounted Cash Flows Calculator applet is designed to provide webmasters with a simple way to add instant interactivity to a web site by providing users with a financial calculator applet which is easily added to a web site.

interactivity calculator applet discounted cash flows financial calculator

Loan Calculator applet

MoneyToys - Simple Loan Calculator applet

Wheatworks Software, LLC

The MoneyToys - Simple Loan Calculator applet is designed to allow webmasters to instantly add interactivity to a web site by providing users with an easy-to-use loan calculator.

calculator applet loan calculator interactivity

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator

Wheatworks Software, LLC

Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Calculator performs a quick analysis of 14 cash flow series using 5 different discount rates per series.

cost present internal rate of return rate of return modified internal rate of return calculator benefit cost ratio

Real estate investment and financing software

Leverage for Real Estate Investment

Glacier Concept

Put together a Real Estate Deal step by step, like a professional! Real Estate Investment Financing Software for individual investors. Profit and cash projections. Determine the worth of the property. Easy as a video game.

present value financial forecasting mortgage comparison real estate investment opportunities way real estate property acquisition

DreamCalc Financial Calculator

DreamCalc Financial Calculator (Pro)

Big Angry Dog Ltd

DreamCalc Pro is the smarter alternative to a hand-held Financial Calculator for your PC or laptop! You'll get the intuitive feel and productivity of using a professional hand-held, but one which adapts to your way of working.

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The Swiss Army Tool of financial calculators.

Financial Advisor for Excel (Standard Ve

Model Advisor

Borrowing, business profitability, discounted cash flows, financial planning, investing, bonds, cost of capital, options, valuation and more in this financial toolbox!!!

models future values options valuation bonds personal finances discounted cash flows

Simple Oil Field NPV Simulation Tool

Simple Oil Field NPV Simulation Tool

Simulation Services

Oil companies and other stakeholders may need to assess the value of new fields or prospects even when very little hard data exists. Based on a simple model of a field development solution, this tool calculates a cash flow profile with risked NPV.

oil companies stakeholders key performance indicator prospects npv cash flow

Financial calculator with a paper tape

tApCalc Financial tape calculator(Arm)

Softtrends Software Pvt Ltd

Financial calculator with a tape that can be saved,edited,rerun,beamed and printed without reentering all data again. Provides TVM,DCF,Depreciation,Bond,Mortgage,Loan and other financial functions along with standard memory and scientific keys.

money functions loan amortization rerun financial calculator financial functions value of money


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