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Numerical plotter

Numerical Plotter

Abecedarical Systems

This source code enables you to plot the solutions to scientific and engineering problems. The Visual C++ programming environment was chosen for realization of numerical computation techniques.

button press matrix arithmetic c programming environment c project numerical computations source file

Automatic message (dialog)  boxes closing


Azure Desktop

OkPress automatically closes any message boxes or application dialog boxes when you press a mouse button. You can Minimize all windows at once, Shutdown or Reboot the system with one click, Quickly logoff.

automatic message reboot windows shell logoff dialog box dialog boxes

allows you to instantly save web page

ie quick saver


IE Quick Saver allows you to instantly save any web page while you are viewing in Internet Explorer. Save directory and file type can be set in advanced. Just click a button on the IE tool band all have done for you to save a web page.

ok button mouse click htm txt time please tool band dialog

Lock computer after N days to force payment

Computer Payment Enforcer

Leithauser Research

Input information on when to lock computer. When a lock day arrives, Computer Payment Enforcer totally blocks access to the computer until the user inputs a code that you provide. Create as many lock dates as you like.

enforcer screen computer keyboard lease computers paying on time time computer

Combine multiple documents into one document

ABC Amber Text Merger

ProcessText Group

Program allows the user to combine multiple documents into one single document. Features include the ability to: support a great number of file types, save and restore the list of documents to merge to, support advanced PDF export options, etc.

spreadsheet formats pdf export page orientation mode compression export options abc amber

Save web page instant


AmazeBrowser, Inc

AmazeCopy enables you to save web pages for offline use. Permanently Save all the Valuable information you see on the Web.

ctrl c ok button web pages duplicates consults present time

an anti-copy security utility

File Anti-Copy


Protect your file with File Anti Copy V 3.1. No body will be able to open, copy and delete your files without your permission. Download and try it to make sure your files is secure.

ok button new version windows kernel movable security utility guarantees

Powerful tool to combine and split PDFs

ABC Amber PDF Merger

ProcessText Group

ABC Amber PDF Merger is the award-winning, powerful tool that allows you to easily split and merge a number of PDFs. The split and merge functionality is based on PDF page ranges. Important note: Adobe Acrobat doesn't need to be installed.

pdf file shift key pdf documents pdfs abc amber ok button



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