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E-mail Newsletter & Notice Management


Enigma Creations

Note-A-Phi is a tool for managing all types of e-mail newsletters, e-mail notification and response messages, and associated lists of e-mail addresses. Note-A-Phi is designed to use your existing network or ISP's outgoing SMTP server.

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Smart subscription-based email bulk mailer.

1st Mail Sender

SoftFolder Inc

1st Mail Sender is a powerful program used for sending notifications or requested newsletters to your subscribers by email. Providing some service, you would like to organize email-based subscriptions on your web sites. It is the best solution!

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3D Hot Air Balloon Screen Saver

3D Hot Air Balloon Screen Saver


Watch a fleet of beautifully rendered 3D Hot Air Balloons in Real-Time 3D floating over an amazing landscape. View from a flyby camera or right from the balloon's basket! Customize Balloon's design with your very own picture.

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free animated screensaver

Flying Dream Screensaver

The Bargain Monkey

free animated screensaver that features the feeling of free flight, meant to help reduce stress by calming the nerves. This screensaver is free and amazingly enough, it comes complete withOUT spyware! Free registration required for continued use

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Front Desk software for Hotel and B and B



Front Desk software for Hotel and B and B. Interactive calendar, point of sale, web upload/download, rent by day/hour, conversion wizard, international date/currency, multiple properties, E-mail marketing tools, financial reports, network ready

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