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The well-known Sudoku puzzle game.


Feejo Soft

SoloSudoku is a genuine review of the worldwide famous puzzle game. SoloSudoku can challenge players of all ages and skills.

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Fitness and Workout Management


Acrocat Software, L.L.C.

Fitness management and workout tracking software for individuals and personal trainers. With PDAbs you can prepare future workouts, record your routines, and view your progress. Sync with your desktop computer to view graphs and print your results.

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A simple freeware drawing tool

PDAcraft Paint


Paint is a drawing tool you can use to create simple drawings. This program is similar to well-known desktop program Paint. Unlike desktop version, PDA version is more comfortable, because you can draw directly on touch screen with stylus.

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Collection of 27 edutainment games for kids.

Merry Motors


Merry Motors Games collection includes 27 edutainment games that will help to your kids in training of memory, logic, math skills, spatial imagination and creative thinking. The program can be useful for preschool children at the age 5+.

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Abundantly fun puzzle game with 150+ levels


Dexterity Software

Abundantly fun puzzle game with 150+ levels, similar to Sokoban, Dweep, Fitznik, and Aargon. Push barrels, turn cranks, dodge radioactive piggies, teleport fluffies, fire ray guns, hurl acid, and when all else fails... blow stuff up! Very fun!

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COLOREA is a child-orientated Software.

COLOREA - the big computer colouring book! - Multimedia

COLOREA is a child-orientated, completely non-violent computer programme for little artists. More than 100 different painting patterns can be imaginatively designed over and over again.

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Your life is worth remembering Simply Journal

Simply Journal

Surprise Software

Your life is worth remembering Simply Journal! Easily record your daily thoughts using this simple-to-use interface. You can keep track and organize your thoughts in ways that paper and pencils don't allow. You can style the text any way you want.

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Artist paint software with natural art tools

Pixarra Sketchbook


Artist paint software with complete natural art tools - paints, pastel, charcoal, oil pastels, chalk, pencils etc. Software for artists without the complexity of other art programs. Compare us to the other "natural media" art programs.

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Teach children how to draw

Coloring Pages

This software is used to teach children how to draw. Little kids can color images using the fill tool and insert icons. Older children can use pencils and brushes, create images based on geometric shapes.

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Simple, stylish and powerful painting program


Ambient Design Ltd

Simple, stylish, powerful painting with natural tools in a creative environment. Paint with oils, sketch with pencils, sprinkle glitter, and more. Decorate with gold leaf, silver foil, and other metallic colors. Support for layered PSD import/export.

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