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Calculate, analyze and optimize your mortgage

Mortgage Advisor

The Other Software Company

Mortgage Advisor allows you to analyze and optimize your mortgage. Learn how to pay off your mortgage sooner and save money at the same time. View detailed schedules showing a breakdown of your mortgage over time and perform "What if" calculations.

time mortgage interest rates mortgage amount mortgage payments repayment mortgage optimize

An easy way to track employee hours.

Simple TimeClock Single Edition

BlockHead Ventures Inc.

An easy and inexpensive way to track employee hours on your personal computer. The Simple TimeClock programs records and reports the attendance of your employees without the need of expensive specialized hardware.

desire personal computer time periods track employee hours timeclock money

Ovulation calendar,diary and reminder

Victoria Woman Calendar

Executive property investment Inc

Calendar, diary, reminder and keeps track of women menstrual cycle. The Calendar predicts the future menstrual cycles and ovulation periods , and it make possible for you to plan important events, vacation, travel, wedding and intercourse.

menstrual cycle reminder romantic getaways menstrual cycles ovulation period sport competitions

Software simulator of Forex Market.

Trading Strategy Tester for FOREX


Trading Strategy Tester for FOREX is a software simulator of Foreign Exchange Market - FOREX. It is an excellent instrument for studying trading in a fast and convenient way, to gain and improve trading skills without risking real money.

time intervals market parameters real money forex open interface term strategies

Removes formatting attributes and fixes text

Clean Text for Windows


Apimac Clean Text eliminates all text formatting, preparing it for pasting. Moreover, the application performs other useful functions, such as removing empty lines, removing multiple spaces, removing tab characters etc.

sequences chunk sentences periods converts random case

Hockey action card scoring game for WIN PC.

StanleyHero Hockey Practice


Hockey action card scoring game with rink reactions for WIN PC. Play 3 cards close enough to shoot. Try to score. Team-mates will help you to victory. Options include playing against a friend or computerized opponents. Air-hockey between periods.

power play team score hockey greats face offs hockey action gain control

Unlimited alarms, timers, stopwatches in hand

Chronos for PocketPC

EldoS Corporation

Chronos fills the gap in PocketPC operating system by offering unlimited number of alarms and timers with customizable sound (MP3 supported) and time settings. Two countdowns with laptimes will let you track time spent on certain tasks.

second period track time storage card days of the week windows mobile first period

VeriTime is a time tracking program.

VeriTime Time Tracker


VeriTime is a task/activity time tracking program that enables you to keep track of time spent and to record a description of the action performed.

activity time time spent csv monetary value time duration time reports

Micro Register point-of-sale software.

Micro Register Point-Of-Sale System

Micro Methods

Micro Register point-of-sale, inventory control and accounts receivable software system. Tracks customer info and statements, inventory information. Accounting totals including sales tax can be view or printed at any time. Quick and easy to use.

periods cash drawers computer accounting cash register customer inventory

Limit and monitor Internet usage.

Dial-Up Lock Me

Shatran Software

Dial-Up Lock Me is a tool that enables to set user-level security for Internet Dial-Up (RAS) connections. It enhances the standard security by allowing to limit and monitor incoming/outgoing traffic and time online for selected Windows 9x users.

modems traffic limit internet security connection time outgoing traffic internet dial


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