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Ping Ball is a fun new arcade puzzler.

Ping Ball


Ping Ball is a fun new arcade puzzle game. The idea is simple; bounce the ping balls around the screen by dropping mirrors in their path, and use them to collect all the energy crystals on each level. Includes 3 bonus mini-games!

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Index Defragmentation Tool for SQL Server

SQL Defrag Studio

Norb Technologies

SQL Defrag Studio offers a fast, simple solution to the on-going problem of index fragmentation. With an easy to understand graphical display, SQL Defrag Studio helps gives the best performance from your databases. With Scheduler and Reporting.

graphical representations statistics database servers database maintenance clock jobs

Emulation of one or more serial streams.

NewAge Virtual Serial Driver

New Age Information Technologies

NIVSD is appointed for emulation of one, two or more (up to 200) serial streams. Hardware devices are not necessary. This product is based on Windows XP DDK and doesn't require using devices of other manufacturers.

windows xp serial driver hardware devices serial port dsr xp ddk

HS Staff Manager - Employee Database Software

HS Staff Manager

Hillstone Software

HS Staff Manager is database software that enables enterprise user to more efficiently store, categorize, find and retrieve employee information.

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