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Collect all the stars on each level to progress to the next. Use springs and platforms to reach those out-of-the-way areas and avoid the spikes and water. Jump on enemies heads to kill them and collect the bonuses.

timer counts platforms enemies platform game spikes water jump

Side-scrolling jump'n'run platform game.

Bud Redhead - The Time Chase

Space Ewe Software

Side-scrolling jump'n'run platform game suitable for all ages. It has 20 huge levels set in 4 different worlds: Forest, Ancient Egypt, Medieval Castles and Space Ship. Game has dozens of enemies, thousands of items to collect and many secret areas.

hand drawn medieval castles big boss platform game jump n run gold coins

Grizzly Adventure is a great platform game!

GRIZZLY Adventure


Grizzly Adventure is jadeware's new platform game complete with over 30 action packed levels. An evil sorcerer has taken control of Grizzly's forest and driven the creatures completely mad.

beasts action packed mother nature taken control enemies groovy soundtrack

Funny free jump and run game


The modernized remake of a classic jump and run game.Guide Snoopy the dog back home to his doghouse.Free download of a funny game with over 100 levels.

enemies funny game dodge snoopy doghouse holes in the ground

Classic old school retro gaming platform fun

Cave Jumper

Addictive 247

Use your trusty pick axe, ropes and dynamite and go on a glorious hunt for treasure. But beware: spiders, bats, bears, skeletons and nasty falls all stand in your way. Classic old school platform fun that youre bound to fall in love with!

bats old school bears caverns skeletons spiders

A platform game mixed with cool puzzles.

Pharaohs Curse Gold

Ancient Software

A platform game mixed with cool puzzles, immerse yourself in this great arcade/puzzle game. In this game you use drills, hammers, picks and scoop to dig the breakable tiles to reach Gold, when you collect all the gold in a given stage.

arcade puzzle game custom levels platform game next level gold tiles

Funny platform game with superhero Maruni.

Maruni Land: Krieg in der Ferne

Michael Hoffmann

Emperor Schröttel desperately tries to conquer Byteria. In this platform game, Junior superhero Maruni can jump through about 50 levels and pass crazy adventures. There are many sequences continuing the story with several gags and insider jokes.

bonus stages amusing story villains crazy world platform game world conqueror

A charming new hero is born!


Alawar Entertainment

Guide a charming hero through gorgeous worlds crammed with visual detail and execute dazzling double-jumps with ease! Turtix is a new arcade adventure that heralds the rebirth of the classic side-scrolling platform game. Download and play it today!

charming hero new arcade turtles rebirth dozens double jumps

A platform game mixed with cool puzzles.

Pharaohs Curse


Pharaohs' Curse Gold is a platform game mixed with cool puzzles, in fact, the main focus is on the puzzle elements. In this game you can use drills, hammers, picks and shovels to break the tiles that guard the gold. When you collect all the gold.

puzzles elements pharaohs shovels platform game curse

Electropy is an arcade style platform game.

Electropy for Mac OS/X

Team Phobic

Electropy is an arcade style platform game. Players make their way through over 130 levels, collecting power-ups and coins to reach the exit in the fastest time possible.

thrusters replays score arcade style power ups invincibility


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