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Prevent computer games from running.



GamesNoMore is a simple and inexpensive solution to make sure that your kids will get enough sleep and will get their homework done. It allows you to enable/disable at will the system features used by modern games.

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Limit access to PC games of your employees

StopGame Office Edition


Easy-to use program designed to help employers control the time employees spend playing computer games. Control is made possible by a set of intervals delimiting when a listed game may or may not be played.

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A powerful tool for monitoring Employees


Xiamen ChengChuang TechnologyCo., Ltd

LaneCat--A An effective tool for monitoring compute,LAN and employee.With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features,not only can you monitor nealy everything they do with the computer

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Create the best Color combinations and more

Life Software Colorwheel

Life Software

With LifeSoftware ColorWheel you can easily create professional looking color schemes using a software Colorwheel.No more wrong color combinations ! Preview of how your design will look ,convert any color code to its RGB , HTML and HTML Websafe value

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Test your reflexes with the new Trick-track!.



The idea of the Game is to defend the Ball from reaching the RED AREA behind you, also you should shoot the ball to make it reach the opposite RED AREA to gain a point.

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MoleBox is an easy-to-use resource packer.


MoleBox packs an application, data files and DLL's into a single exe-file. Application packed with MoleBox works the same way as before packing without any changes in its source code.

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