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ComCap: Magenta Serial Port Capture Utility


Magenta Systems Ltd

ComCap is designed to capture any ASCII data received on a PC serial communications port to a text file. Data from up to 30 serial COM ports can be captured simultaneously, in separate files. ComCap may aso be run as an NT service.

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Display & print files in text and binary.

File Display Utility

retiSoft, inc.

Displays and prints disk file dumps in both ASCII text and binary (hexadecimal) formats. Files can be treated as either text files terminated by CR or LF, or as binary files handled as 16-byte wide blocks.

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Join fixed-length lines with unwanted returns


JoinLine fixes text files with long fixed length records and unwanted line wraps. Programs import records with data on the same line. JoinLine can restore the wrapped records to single line records.

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Cybercafe, Internet cafe software mycafecup

MyCafeCup Platinum

MyCafeCup Software

Cybercafe - Internet cafe software - Wi-Fi HotSpot Billing - MyCafeCup is a software for real-time operating Internet Cafe, CyberCafe, Game Center, Gaming Cafe and PC rental shop.

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.NET Linear Meter & Slider Component

.NET Linear Meter Component - KineticaRT

KineticaRT Limited

The KineticaRT .NET Linear Meter & Slider Real-Time Component is fast, easy to configure and supports live update. It is a member of the KineticaRT family of components for graphic visualization, instrumentation, hmi, control and test automation.

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Image protection for JPEG users

JpegGuard JPEG Image Protection

Zapper Software (510862 B.C. Ltd.)

JpegGuard: This program is for JPEG users who want to protect their images and avoid potential embarrassment. This program will encrypt all of your .JPG and .JPEG files on your computer. This prevents others from viewing your encrypted JPEG images.

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